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Solving the Whole Crystal Skull “Mystery” Thing

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Nov 11 2007

By s8intcom, Copyright 2007

  One of the ancient mysteries I’ve recently been working on is; what’s the least watchable sport–soccer or bowling? You’re right, trick question. Bowling is not a sport.

Speaking of objects with finger holes (bowling balls), I’ve also been looking into the ancient mysteries posed by the crystal skulls phenomenon.

What’s less interesting; stories about professional bowlers with an edge-like they wear sunglasses inside, or mystical properties of crystal skulls like-oh, its eyes follow me everywhere or they interfere with my cable reception? Answer:its a tie.

Let’s face it though, if had a decent editor, this article wouldn’t have gotten published, certainly not in its present form, or it probably wouldn’t have even been commissioned. On the other hand, how much did you have to pay for it? I will say I think I’ve reached some startling conclusions supported by evidence here, though even so I’m using the website byline on it, and not my full name.

Okay, so here it is:

The Setup: 

“The most widely celebrated and mysterious crystal skull is the Mitchell-Hedges Skull, for at least two good reasons.

First, it is very similar in form to an actual human skull, even featuring a fitted removable jawbone. Most known crystal skulls are of a more stylized structure, often with unrealistic features and teeth that are simply etched onto a single skull piece.

Second, it is impossible to say how the Mitchell-Hedges skull was constructed. From a technical standpoint, it appears to be an impossible object which today’s most talented sculptors and engineers would be unable to duplicate.

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