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A Brief Review of a Selection of Incredible, Lost, Forgotten or Ignored News from Our Recent Past, Part 2

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Oct 30 2007

Relics At UR Point to Pre-Flood Race
Religious Symbols Discovered Below 56-Foot Level of Shaft Traced to Prehistoric Era
Pottery Factory Found
New York Times, February 24, 1930 

Disputed Biblical Stories Get Support from Exhibition of Rare Ancient Relics
New York Times
December 22, 1953

FINDS NEAR BAGDAD: Ten Thousand Tablets in an Enormous Building—
Possibly AnteDiluvian (Pre-Flood) Records
From the London Times
January 31, 1882

The Three Stone Heads (Older Than Mount Hood Itself)
Published Feb 18, 1871
New York Times

Curious Relics from the Swiss Lakes
From the Hartford Times, Nov. 7 1866
Copyright New York Times

Hunter Says He Saw Prehistoric Monster
Belgian Returns from Congo with a Story of Tracking Down a Brontosaurus
Copyright New York Times
December 13, 1919

Army of French Hunters Tracks “Dragon” with “Wolf Lieutenant” Leading Quest By Associated Press
Published Sept 3, 1934 New York Times

Trail of Monster Seen in Scotland
Big-Game Hunter Finds Fresh Tracks of “Four-Fingered Sea Beast” at Loch Ness.
Reports are Reinforced
Many Reliable Residents of the Region Had Told of Seeing Animal 50 Feet Long.
December 22, 1933

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