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A Brief Review of a Selection of Incredible, Lost, Forgotten or Ignored News from Our Recent Past, Part 2

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Oct 30 2007

Relics At UR Point to Pre-Flood Race
Religious Symbols Discovered Below 56-Foot Level of Shaft Traced to Prehistoric Era
Pottery Factory Found
New York Times, February 24, 1930 

Disputed Biblical Stories Get Support from Exhibition of Rare Ancient Relics
New York Times
December 22, 1953

FINDS NEAR BAGDAD: Ten Thousand Tablets in an Enormous Building—
Possibly AnteDiluvian (Pre-Flood) Records
From the London Times
January 31, 1882

The Three Stone Heads (Older Than Mount Hood Itself)
Published Feb 18, 1871
New York Times

Curious Relics from the Swiss Lakes
From the Hartford Times, Nov. 7 1866
Copyright New York Times

Hunter Says He Saw Prehistoric Monster
Belgian Returns from Congo with a Story of Tracking Down a Brontosaurus
Copyright New York Times
December 13, 1919

Army of French Hunters Tracks “Dragon” with “Wolf Lieutenant” Leading Quest By Associated Press
Published Sept 3, 1934 New York Times

Trail of Monster Seen in Scotland
Big-Game Hunter Finds Fresh Tracks of “Four-Fingered Sea Beast” at Loch Ness.
Reports are Reinforced
Many Reliable Residents of the Region Had Told of Seeing Animal 50 Feet Long.
December 22, 1933

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Revered Jewish “Rabbi”Has Messiah “Secret” So “Explosive” It Could Only Be Revealed After His Death

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Oct 26 2007


Deuteronomy 18
The LORD said to me: “What they say is good. I will raise up for them a prophet like you from among their brothers; I will put my words in his mouth, and he will tell them everything I command him. If anyone does not listen to my words that the prophet speaks in my name, I myself will call him to account.

John 12
Yet at the same time many even among the leaders believed in him. But because of the Pharisees they would not confess their faith for fear they would be put out of the synagogue; for they loved praise from men more than praise from God. 

Yitzchak Kaduri, also spelled Kadouri and Kadourie (died January 28 2006), was a renowned Sephardic Orthodox Haredi rabbi and kabbalist who devoted his life to Torah study and prayer on behalf of the Jewish people. He taught and practiced the kavanot of the Rashash. His blessings and amulets were also widely sought to cure people of illnesses and infertility. At the time of his death, estimates of his age ranged from 106 to 117…..Wikipedia  

A few months before he (Kaduri) died, one of the nation’s most prominent rabbis, Yitzhak Kaduri, supposedly wrote the name of the Messiah on a small note which he requested would remain sealed until now. When the note was unsealed, it revealed what many have known for centuries: Yehoshua, or Yeshua (Jesus), is the Messiah.

With the biblical name of Jesus, the Rabbi and kabbalist described the Messiah using six words and hinting that the initial letters form the name of the Messiah. The secret note said:

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Oct 16 2007

The area covered by sea ice in the Arctic has shrunk to its lowest level this week since satellite measurements began nearly 30 years ago, opening up the Northwest Passage – a long-sought short cut between Europe and Asia that has been historically impassable.

In the mosaic image above, created from nearly 200 images acquired in early September 2007 by the Advanced Synthetic Aperture Radar (ASAR) instrument aboard ESA’s Envisat satellite, the dark gray colour represents the ice-free areas while green represents areas with sea ice. Leif Toudal Pedersen from the Danish National Space Centre said:

“We have seen the ice-covered area drop to just around 3 million sq km which is about 1 million sq km less than the previous minima of 2005 and 2006. There has been a reduction of the ice cover over the last 10 years of about 100 000 sq km per year on average, so a drop of 1 million sq km in just one year is extreme.

“The strong reduction in just one year certainly raises flags that the ice (in summer) may disappear much sooner than expected and that we urgently need to understand better the processes involved.” Arctic sea ice naturally extends its surface coverage each northern winter and recedes each northern summer, but the rate of overall loss since 1978 when satellite records began has accelerated.To Read the Entire Article from ESA News, Click Here

Cliff Paiva, an Imaging Specialist and Friend of Forwarded this article. His own views on the “Global temperature increase” is featured here. His BLOG is located here.  


Solution to Ancient Nuclear Power Plant Mystery Analogous to Materialist Solution for the Origin of Man; Mysterious Process Begun Billions of Years Ago. (Evolution)….

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Oct 11 2007

Oklo Mine at Gabon.

“Thirteen nuclear reactors existed in “prehistoric” periods along the 200-metre mine bed at Oklo –it was discovered in 1972, and they were comparable to the modern nuclear reactor in power and heat combustion. This mine had the capability of enabling self-sustained nuclear chain reactions”. This discovery shocked the entire scientific community back in 1972…….

…Perrin and the other French scientists concluded that the only other uranium samples with similar levels of the isotopes found at Oklo could be found in the used nuclear fuel produced by modern reactors. They found that the percentages of many isotopes at Oklo strongly resembled those in the spent fuel generated by nuclear power plants..

Romans Chapter 1 speaks of the wise men of this world worshipping the created rather than the creator. Science is a big believer in the creative power of “nature” which is a creation of God rather than the Creator. So when faced with the desperate need for an explanation for an ancient nuclear power generator, science renewed its faith in created things. It’s difficult to remember this now, but back when the natural explanation was first offered, not everyone was on board.

Previously on this site we’ve looked at an apparently ancient nuclear power plant at Oklo in Gabon, in four articles. These nuclear reactors were estimated to have produced on the order 0f 1,000 megawatts, comparable to a large modern plant.

The radioactive byproducts of the reaction are still conserved in the area around the reactors leading some to call the reactor “well designed”. Natural uranium is made up primarily of uranium 238 (99%). In order to make this natural uranium fissionable, the 99% uranium 238 must be converted into uranium 235 (enrichment).

There are a variety of ways to do this, however as pointed out in the New York Times of June 21, 1976, all of them require advanced technology

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Man and Dinosaur Co-Existence Proof Accepted by Science–Giant Footprints in Stone–Giant Humans in Stone–All Verified by Orthodox Scientist After Discoverer’s 30 Years of Ridicule

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Oct 09 2007



By Sharon Y. James, s8intcom 2007

Samuel Hubbard Jr. was born in San Francisco in May 1863, the son of Sam Hubbard and Sophie Hunt. In his teen years, Samuel Jr. spent his time hunting “rails” and other game as well as writing articles on the local flora and fauna for such publications as Zoe, A Biological Journal, The Game Birds of California and various publications of local Academies of Science.

In 1881 he entered U.C Berkeley where among other things he was a member of the Beta Theta Pi fraternity.

In 1883 at the age of twenty he left school and became President of the Samuel Hubbard Co. in Oakland, Ca. (or it may have been his father who was President) That company later became California Nitrate Development Co. which sought to exploit nitrates in Death Valley, Ca.

In 1896, at the age of 33 he traveled to the Grand Canyon where he made a series of incredible discoveries which should have turned post Darwinist science on its head—if anyone would have believed him.

It would be another thirty years before he would have an opportunity to silence his critics and belittlers and provide scientific proof that his fantastic story was true; that man and dinosaurs had co-existed, that there was proof in two forms that giant humans had lived in the Canyon, including a petrified human giant, that elephants and ibexes had both lived in North America, in contravention of scientific knowledge of the day. That scientific proof would come in 1924–in the form of the Doheny Expedition, of which he was in charge. 

This story however is mostly about his initial trip to the Grand Canyon in 1896.

Charles W. Gilmore was only 22 and just beginning his scientific career when Hubbard wrote about his amazing discoveries in 1896.

By the time he joined the Doheny Expedition 30 years later, in 1924, he was as mainstream a scientist as one could be. He was at the time of the expedition one of the more influential figures in 20th Century vertebrate paleontology, and had worked at both the Carnegie Museum and the National Museum of Natural History, where he served as Curator of Vertebrate Paleontology.

His principal studies included work on Jurassic sauropods. In fact, he named dinosaurs in North America and Mongolia, including the Cretaceous sauropod Alamosaurus, Alectrosaurus, Archaeornithomimus, Bactrosaurus, Brachyceratops, Chirostenotes, Mongolosaurus, Parrosaurus, Pinacosaurus, Styracosaurus and Thescelosaurus1.

His dinosaur knowledge was to come in handy during the 1924 expedition but in 1986 Hubbard had no one in the scientific establishment like Gilmore to back him up.

Edward Laurence Doheny was 40 years old when Hubbard made his first trip to the Grand Canyon in 1896. Doheny was an American oil tycoon who had made $100,000,000 on just one group of oil leases at one point in his career and, so he had plenty of money to spend on a scientific expedition to the Grand Canyon to prove that Darwinism was wrong and that Samuel Hubbard was right. After all, he probably reasoned, God had been pretty good to him.

Following is Samuel Hubbard’s story of his 1896 “expedition” to the Grand Canyon and of the many discoveries he made. At the time of the publication of his article on October 2, 1896 in the Los Angeles Times, he no doubt expected it to be received in the same way his articles for local ornithological publications such as “The Condor” had been received but instead he would find himself “a martyr seething in the fires of scientific contempt and derision”2 for three decades.

Giant’s Footprints
Chicagoesque Tracks in the Old Red Sandstone
Alleged Proof that Men Twenty Feet Tall Lived in the Grand Canyon of the Colorado
Indian Dead Long Time Ago
Los Angeles Times, October 2, 1896
By Samuel Hubbard Jr.

Hubbard began recounting his tale with the following provocative intro:

“Does anybody believe that there has been a race of gigantic men who were twelve to twenty feet high (who)ever lived in these United States of America? And yet the proof that such a race of people did live in this country is to be found in the Grand Canon of the Colorado River, in Northern Arizona. This proof consists of, first: 

Footprints in the red sandstone. Footprints that appear to have been made by the moccasined feet of gigantic men. Men whose tracks measured twenty inches in length, and who stepped five feet at a stride.

The second proof is that there is the petrified body of such a man likewise in the red sandstone of the Grand Canon District. This body was that of a living, breathing man, but after death the flesh was replaced by lime or silica, held in solution in the water.

There is ample evidence that nature was able to perform this feat, as the petrifying process is being carried on in the canon to this day.

The third fact is that there is, and was, a strong and almost universal tradition among the ancient people of Mexico and Peru that such a race of giants lived in their country.

Perhaps it is almost too much to call this proof, but it is at least corroborative testimony.

Now, aside from the interest which attaches to these tracks on account of their size, there is a geological puzzle involved which will set scientific men to thinking. The tracks of men and animals in the red sandstone of the carboniferous period are more than a geological puzzle; it is a geological crime.”

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Biographical sources: Internet & Wikipedia

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Oct 08 2007

Who said the Grand Canyon was formed over a million years?  This canyon took only days… whose to say that the Grand Canyon wasn’t made by the Great Flood?  Look at the newslink below about this Texas Canyon.  God can show us that he is still in control and unbelievers still wouldn’t believe it…L. Jones


By MICHELLE ROBERTS, Associated Press Writer Fri Oct 5, 10:21 PM ET   

CANYON LAKE, Texas – Geologic time has a different meaning when it comes to Canyon Lake Gorge. You could say it dates to around the end of the Enron era. 

A torrent of water from an overflowing lake sliced open the earth in 2002, exposing rock formations, fossils and even dinosaur footprints in just three days. Since then, the canyon has been accessible only to researchers to protect it from vandals, but on Saturday it opens to its first public tour.

“It exposed these rocks so quickly and it dug so deeply, there wasn’t a blade of grass or a layer of algae,” said Bill Ward, a retired geology professor from the University of New Orleans who started cataloging the gorge almost immediately after the flood.

The mile-and-a-half-long gorge, up to 80 feet deep, was dug out from what had been a nondescript valley covered in mesquite and oak trees. It sits behind a spillway built as a safety valve for Canyon Lake, a popular recreation spot in the Texas Hill Country between San Antonio and Austin.

The reservoir was built in the 1960s to prevent flash flooding along the Guadalupe River and to assure the water supply for central Texas. The spillway had never been overrun until July 4, 2002, when 70,000 cubic feet of water gushed downhill toward the Guadalupe River for three days, scraping off vegetation and topsoil and leaving only limestone walls.

“Underneath us, it looks solid, but obviously it’s not,” said Tommie Streeter Rhoad of the Guadalupe Blanco River Authority, as she looked out over a cream-colored limestone crevasse.

The sudden exposure of such canyons is rare but not unprecedented. Flooding in Iowa in 1993 opened a limestone gorge behind a spillway at Corvalville Lake north of Iowa City, but that chasm, Devonian Fossil Gorge, is narrower and shallower than Canyon Lake Gorge.

Neither compares to the world’s most famous canyon. It took water around 5 million to 6 million years to carve the Grand Canyon, which plunges 6,000 feet at its deepest point and stretches 15 miles at its widest.

The more modest Canyon Lake Gorge still displays a fault line and rock formations carved by water that seeped down and bubbled up for millions of years before the flooding.

Some of the canyon’s rocks are punched with holes like Swiss cheese, and the fossils of worms and other ancient wildlife are everywhere. The rocks, typical of the limestone buried throughout central Texas, date back “111 million years, plus or minus a few hundred thousand years,” Ward said.

Six three-toed dinosaur footprints offer evidence of a two-legged carnivore strolling along the water. The footprints were temporarily covered with sand to protect them as workers reinforced the spillway, but they’ll be uncovered again eventually, Rhoad said.

The Guadalupe Blanco River Authority, which has a lease from the Army Corps of Engineers to manage the 64-acre Canyon Lake Gorge site, will begin offering limited public tours of the canyon Saturday, continuing year-round on the first Saturday of the month.

Early demand for the 3-hour tours is so high they are booked for at least six months. Rhoad said the authority hopes to train more docents so dates can be added.

Visitors will not be allowed to hike the canyon on their own because the brittle limestone is still breaking from the canyon walls.

Construction on a rim trail to overlook the canyon begins this winter. Officials hope to eventually build lookout points and an educational center.