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Reporter Films China’s own Loch Ness Monster: Report & Video from Lake Tianchi

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Sep 28 2007

Sep 9, 2007 AFP

BEIJING (AFP) — A television reporter claims to have discovered China’s answer to the Loch Ness monster, state press reported Sunday.

Local journalist Zhuo Yongsheng shot footage of six “seal-like” creatures in the northeastern Tianchi lake, which local legend has long said is home to Loch Ness-style monsters.

“They could swim as fast as yachts and at times they would all disappear in the water,” the Xinhua news agency quoted Zhuo as saying. “Their fins, or maybe wings, were longer than their bodies.”

Legend says that China’s own version of Scotland’s legendary monster has dwelled in the murky bottom of the volcanic lake for over a century.

The original “Nessie” dates back to the seventh century, when a water beast is said to have appeared before Saint Columba, the founder of Christianity in Scotland in the Highland lake’s depths.

Zhuo said he had not previously believed in the lake monster legend, “but I believed my own eyes.”

However, scientists dismissed the reports, saying the lake was too cold for life.

Volcanic eruptions would also make life extremely hazardous for any animal making its home there, they said

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Evolution? The Stones Cry Out!
Fossil Human Footprints in Rock Supposedly Millions of Years Old.

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Sep 27 2007


When he came near the place where the road goes down the Mount of Olives, the whole crowd of disciples began joyfully to praise God in loud voices for all the miracles they had seen: “Blessed is the king who comes in the name of the Lord!” “Peace in heaven and glory in the highest

Some of the Pharisees in the crowd said to Jesus, “Teacher, rebuke your disciples!”

“I tell you,” he replied, “if they keep quiet, the stones will cry out.”..Luke 19


“These prints disprove evolutionary theories about rock strata—and reveal it is quite young, and place dinosaurs as living at the same time when people did. The prints also reveal that giants once lived on our planet”..Creation/Evolution Encyclopedia 

“These prints disprove evolutionary theories about rock strata—and reveal it is quite young, and place dinosaurs as living at the same time when people did. The prints also reveal that giants once lived on our planet”..Creation/Evolution Encyclopedia Fossil human footprints embedded in rock continue to be a source of consternation and embarrasment for those who promote or accept the evolutionary timeline. Rocks whose age science continues to push out further in order to, accomodate evolving evolutionary timelines. 

These rocks are supposed to range in age from 10 million to over a billion years but they sometimes contain imprints of barefoot and or shod human feet. According to evolutionary timelines, humans are too recent (last 3 million years or so) to have left those prints.

It’s a little known secret that beginning with the earliest immigrants to the Americas, fossil footprints have been found in rock the rock strata. The tracks were fairly common and taken in stride until Darwin came along. Then these fossilized human footprints, many of them of gigantic proportions, became a problem for the “educated” man.

Indeed, many of these reportedly millions of years old rock strata are too old even for the animal tracks imprinted thereon. A seletion of data indicating that these reports have been made and documented over a long time period and have often been examined and accepted by science is presented below.



 ……Hundreds of footprints of man and animals were discovered in the quarry of the State prison in Carson, Nevada. Scientists came to Carson to make plaster of Paris copies of the tracks of a mastodon and that of an apparently giant individual. After much examination, and after ruling out animals such as the giant sloth and the bear, it was the opinion of Professor Le Conte of the State University of California that the giant tracks were those of a man.

…… The tracks were approximately 20 inches long and eight inches wide. A size thirteen foot is approximately 12 inches long. A puzzle concerning the footprints besides their great size was the straddle, the distance between the left and right tracks, which was 18 inches, fully three times that of an average sized man.

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Will Darwinists Make the Same Mistake with RNA that They Made in Ignoring So-Called “Junk” DNA?

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Sep 25 2007

Famous Atheist Dawkins Snidely Chides Creationists About Imperfect “Junk DNA”.“

…And there’s lots more DNA that doesn’t even deserve the name pseudogene. It, too, is derived by duplication, but not duplication of functional genes. It consists of multiple copies of junk, “tandem repeats”, and other nonsense which may be useful for forensic detectives but which doesn’t seem to be used in the body itself.

Once again, creationists might spend some earnest time speculating on why the Creator should bother to litter genomes with untranslated pseudogenes and junk tandem repeat DNA. …

Can we measure the information capacity of that portion of the genome which is actually used? We can at least estimate it. In the case of the human genome it is about 2% – considerably less than the proportion of my hard disc that I have ever used since I bought it.” – Richard Dawkins, “The Information Challenge.” the skeptic. 18,4. Autumn 1998

Materialists have long pointed to “non-coding” DNA, also known as “Junk DNA” as a proof that there is no Creator, no Designer. They have pointed to the aproximately 2% of coding DNA as the “secret of life” and the place where evolution happens. 98% of DNA is junk, they said, evolutionary dead ends and jumbled useless code which proved either that there was no designer, or that He wasn’t very good. 

Another oft proffered “proof” of evolutionary theory is the supposed 97% match between human DNA and that of chimpanzees. That is, it was estimated that the 2% of human DNA called coding DNA is a 97% match to the 2% coding chimp DNA—, however, the other 98% of our DNA, hitherto called junk is very dissimilar.

What would happen if materialists discovered that it was the 98% of DNA previously called junk that might actually be the most important? What if they were completely wrong about everything DNA related?

Following is a Blog comment from Discovery Institute on a recent article in the Boston Globe describing the turmoil caused by recent DNA discoveries. Also, a brief excerpt from the article is offered…



The Discovery Institute/

“Yesterday the Boston Globe published an amazing and insightful article about DNA and what scientists are learning about the inner-workings of the cell. As it turns out, the more we learn, the more we realize how much more there is to learn.

“The picture that’s emerging” of how living cells actually operate and evolve “is so immensely more complicated than anyone imagined, it’s almost depressing,” Rigoutsos said.

One interesting thing that leapt out at me when reading this was the fact that, while many scientists now realize that it was a mistake to jump to the conclusion that there were massive amounts of “junk” in DNA (because they were trying to fit the research into a Darwinian model), they are on the verge of committing the same exact mistake all over again, this time with RNA.

No one knows what all that extra RNA is doing. It might be regulating genes in absolutely essential ways. Or it may be doing nothing of much importance: genetic busywork serving no real purpose.

Many researchers believe the truth falls somewhere in between.

“Half of it may be doing something very useful,” said Lander, who is also a professor of biology at MIT. “The other part may turn out to be, well, just junk – doing neither great good nor great harm.”

Knowing that senior fellow Jonathan Wells is working on a forthcoming book about genetics titled The End of the Genetic Paradigm, I e-mailed him and asked what he thought of the article. Here’s his response in full.

According to an article in yesterday’s Boston Globe, biologists have discovered that the small percentage of our DNA that codes for proteins is not as important as they once thought. Many cellular processes are due to non-coding stretches of DNA – or of RNA, or of something else entirely. The discoveries have precipitated what Francis Collins, director of the National Human Genome Research Institute, calls a “scientific revolution.”

The news seems revolutionary because Collins and so many others have bought into neo-Darwinism, which assumes that embryo development is controlled by a “genetic program” in DNA. It is this assumption that justifies the neo-Darwinian belief that DNA mutations provide the raw materials for evolution. And it was this assumption that prompted Francis Crick, when he and James Watson deciphered the structure of DNA in 1953, to announce that they had “discovered the secret of life.”

Even in 1953, some biologists were skeptical that “DNA is the secret of life,” but their skepticism was largely buried by the neo-Darwinian steamroller that has been flattening biology ever since. Now it turns out that the skeptics were right. The more we learn from genome sequencing, the more obvious it becomes that there are more things in living cells than are dreamt of in neo-Darwinian philosophy.

ARTICLE: DNA Unraveled

A ‘scientific revolution’ is taking place, as researchers explore the genomic jungle

By Colin Nickerson, Boston Globe Staff | September 24, 2007

The science of life is undergoing changes so jolting that even its top researchers are feeling something akin to shell-shock. Just four years after scientists finished mapping the human genome – the full sequence of 3 billion DNA “letters” folded within every cell – they find themselves confronted by a biological jungle deeper, denser, and more difficult to penetrate than anyone imagined.

“Science is just starting to probe the wilderness between genes,” said John M. Greally, molecular biologist at New York’s Albert Einstein School of Medicine. “Already we’re surprised and confounded by a lot of what we’re seeing.”

A slew of recent but unrelated studies of everything from human disease to the workings of yeast suggest that mysterious swaths of molecules – long dismissed as “junk DNA” – may be more important to health and evolution than genes themselves.

Meanwhile, a tricky substance called RNA – for decades viewed as the lowly “messenger boy ” for genes and proteins – turns out to be a big league player in cell function. It may even represent the cell’s command and control system, according to its more vigorous proponents.

In any event, lots of basic biological beliefs are going out the window these days as new discoveries come so rapid-fire that the effect is almost more disorienting than illuminating.

The discoveries have one common theme: Cellular processes long assumed to be “genetic” appear quite often to be the result of highly complex interactions occurring in regions of DNA void of genes. This is roughly akin to Wall Street waking to the realization that money doesn’t make the world go ‘round, after all.

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Did Noah’s Flood Spark Global Warming?
New documentary says temperature rising for last 5,000 years

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Sep 23 2007


Yes, global temperatures are rising, says a new video documentary, but it’s not because of manmade carbon dioxide gases as former Vice President Al Gore insists.

It’s because Earth has been warming slowly but surely ever since Noah’s Flood 5,000 years ago, says a retired geophysicist and climate researcher in the video.

In “Miraculous Messages: From Noah’s Flood to the End Times,” the latest release from Grizzly Adams Productions, John Baumgardner, who spent 12 years working on a Global Ocean Model at Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico and was directly involved with climate research, does not dispute the Earth’s experience of increasingly warmer temperatures. But he contends the primary cause is not related to man’s burning of coal and oil.

Baumgardner notes that the Earth has experienced warming and cooling cycles several times since Noah’s Flood approximately 5,000 years ago. One such period was from AD 900 to AD 1300.

“During that time the Vikings colonized Greenland, and abundant farming, grasslands, herds, and even vineyards were present in Greenland,” he says. The “Little Ice Age” followed this warm period. In AD 1600, during this period, the Thames River in London froze.

With unmistakable evidence of significant variations in global temperature over the past 2,000 years, the current warming is “not out of range,” Baumgardner explains. “Current warming actually started in 1800 and accelerated during the 20th century, so now we’re about a degree warmer than we were 100 years ago.”

“Miraculous Messages” looks at additional factors that affect climate cycles. According to Baumgardner, recent research indicates a connection between the amount of solar (magnetic) activity on the sun and the average temperature of the Earth’s surface.

“Currently solar activity is high,” he says. “There are fewer cosmic rays reaching into the atmosphere and, as a result, less clouds and higher temperatures.”

Walt Brown, a retired U.S. Air Force colonel, a mechanical engineer from MIT, and the former chief of science and technology studies at the Air War College, is another scientist featured in “Miraculous Messages.”

According to Brown, it is inevitable that man contributes to some global warming, “but the amount is probably not large and no one really knows the extent.”

The documentary explores how Noah built his massive Ark, the number of animals aboard, and where the Ark landed, based on research from scientists in various fields. In addition, “Miraculous Messages” explains in depth how a catastrophic worldwide flood could have happened and the current evidences left behind from this event – 25 mysterious anomalies found on Earth.

Don’t Mess with “Prehistoric” Texas? Prehistoric, Megalithic Construction in the Lone Star State

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Sep 19 2007


by Chris. Parker,, 2007


It would seem that even in “prehistoric” times, things were done in a big way in Texas. In several instances it’s clear that messing with Texas back in the day would have required dealing with a megalithic wall some twenty miles long and with whomever was behind it.

One of the most frequently linked articles on (along with the section on giants) is an article about an ancient, largely buried 20 mile long (3.5 miles x 5.6 miles) wall near Rockwall Texas. In fact that wall, initially discovered around 1852, is the reason Rockwall, Texas is called Rockwall, Texas.

Mainstream archaeologists mostly consider the wall to be a natural formation.

If it is a man made wall, and not simply a natural feature, who in the world built it? It’s obviously not of recent construction—it was largely buried which along with its weathering would suggest that it is of great age.

Also of note, the “technology” required for its construction seems to be above that typically associated with the Native Americans or for that matter the earlier, technologically superior mound builders, who are a mystery all to themselves. It seems clear that a simple hunting and gathering society would not have had the time or excess manpower needed to build such a megalithic structure.

A 1907 New York Times article entitled “Digging for Buried City” reported that Mr. J.E. Hess was excavating around the wall in hopes of locating a buried city. He reported that the wall is made up of regularly sized and shaped native sandstone slabs-  that the wall was buried to a depth of about three feet, and that it was known to be approximately 40 feet high.

As it turns out though, the rockwall at Rockwall wasn’t the only ancient, megalithic 20 mile long wall in Texas. 150 miles away there may have been an even larger construction.

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West Virginia’s Kanawha Madonna Shrouded in Mystery

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Sep 18 2007

by Brad McElhinny 

Daily Mail staff, May 2007 

The Kanawha Madonna has inspired curiosity for more than 100 years. The carved figure appears to be cradling a small animal. Nobody knows who carved it or why. 

A historical mystery is in a corner of the ground floor of the state Cultural Center. 

It’s a short, carved figure that appears to be holding the wooden form of an animal. For company, the figure has next to it a framed portrait of Peter Van Winkle, one of the framers of the West Virginia constitution. Who knows what they talk about. 

The wooden figure is known as the Kanawha Madonna. Nobody can exactly say why it bears the catchy name. Its resemblance to the mother of Jesus seems pretty remote. But, like images of the Virgin Mary that appear in strange forms such as ketchup stains and spider webs, the Kanawha Madonna inspires imagination. 

“It’s still a mystery,” said James Mitchell, the curator of the State Museum. 

“It’s popular in the sense of the curiosity, the mysterious.” 

As the story goes, the three-foot-tall figure was found by three teenaged boys in a rock shelter or cave near Chelyan at the end of the 19th century. 

“How it got in the cave, we don’t know,” Mitchell said. 

The discovery was researched by Dr. John Hale, who was sort of an Appalachian Benjamin Franklin. Hale was a physician, served as mayor of Charleston in 1870, introduced English sparrows into the United States, went into salt manufacturing, organized an artillery battery for service with the Confederacy, organized the first gas company in Charleston, was said to have paved the first brick street in America in Charleston and possessed a great interest in history. 

Hale wrote a paper about the cave discovery that was published in the West Virginia Historical and Antiquarian Journal. 

“The tone of his description is one of healthy skepticism,” said Jim Fenton, a professor at Bluegrass Community and Technical College in Lexington, Ky. 

“He makes some efforts to discount any interpretation of the figure as a forgery, and makes several points in favor of its authenticity. These points include the difficulty of access to the rock shelter, the honesty of the discoverers, the obviously weathered and worn appearance of the object and its primitive appearance.” 

Fenton, who recounted Hale’s summary, did his own research of the Kanawha Madonna several years ago. His study, funded by the West Virginia Humanities Council, delved into the possible origins of the figure. 

“Had it been discovered in someone’s garden shed, it would have excited little or no interest,” Fenton said. “So it is the fact of its location that contributes to the mystery.” 

He tried his best to determine whether the figure is a genuine historic artifact or rather a fun fraud. Lucky for those who have a great time guessing, he wasn’t able to provide a definitive answer. 

Fenton acknowledged that between 1850 and 1900, many faked artifacts were produced in rural America and used as exhibits in sideshows or sold to museums and curiosity cabinets. 

An alternate possibility was that the carving was produced by early Native Americans who might have made it as part of their cultural traditions. 

Fenton already knew that in 1964, a sample of wood from the base of the figure was submitted for radiocarbon dating. That test determined the wood was about 350 years old—plus or minus a century. 

Fenton made his own drilling, and a lab determined a radiocarbon date of 510 years, plus or minus 50 years. 

So, the two samples were in the same ballpark. Trouble is, the tests determine the age of the wood but are not conclusive about when the wood was actually carved. 

Fenton then tried to figure out what kind of wood was used for the carving to provide a clue about how long the type of tree might live. 

He sent a splinter to a paleobotanist named Jack Rossen, who settled on honey locust—a hard, dense wood used historically because of its potential to resist rot. 

Fenton tried to determine whether a honey locust growing 500 years ago could have survived to be carved in the 19th century, providing a clue about the hoax theory. 

The complication was that even if the tree had died earlier, the wood might have been available to make a carving. So Fenton remained flummoxed. 

He finally tried to determine whether the carving was made by stone or metal tools, which might have been a final clue to the age, but rather than useful cut marks he instead found scratches from handling in the past 100 years. 

Although his study, conducted in 2000, provided more specifics about the figure, it did not reveal the origin. So, much is left to the imagination. 

Everybody who sees the Kanawha Madonna forms a personal theory, said Mitchell, the museum curator who is able to assess the popularity of exhibits by the noseprints on the glass casings. 

The carving has been part of the State Museum ever since it was discovered, although its current position in the corner of the ground floor is due to the purgatory status of the museum in recent years. 

Once a renovated museum is opened, the Kanawha Madonna again will revel in the public spotlight. Mitchell is one of its closest companions and is one of very few with the authority to pick up the statue. 

“I move it, I pick it up, I know how heavy it is,” he said. “It probably weighs 30 pounds or so. But you don’t want people picking at it, so it’s always displayed under glass. It’s an interesting prehistoric object. Precisely who made it, we don’t know. It has very short, stumpy legs.” 

Mitchell, although he knows the figure better than anyone still alive, can’t provide a conclusive answer about who the Kanawha Madonna is supposed to be. 

He isn’t even certain what kind of creature the figure is meant to be cradling. 

“Is it a sheep? I don’t know. Maybe it’s an opossum. I don’t know,” he said. “Is this person holding a sheep that was brought into Jamestown in 1607? Or is it something else?” 

Wikipedia Entry on the Sculpture

 …Thanks to Todd H. who has a theory not covered in the article; he thinks that the blue-eyed Cherokees might have been a result of the visitation or settlement of pre-Native American Celts to West Virginia…… 

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The Case for Christ DVD–Journalist/Atheist Sets out to “Debunk” Christianity & Becomes Believer

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Sep 17 2007


Is there evidence to confirm that Jesus of Nazareth was indeed the Son of God and the Savior of the world?



When hard-nosed investigative journalist Lee Strobel set out on a journey to de-bunk the claims of Christ, he instead uncovered something far more… a life-changing, deep-rooted faith, chronicled in the Gold Medallion award-winning, best-selling book, The Case for Christ .


Strobel, the former legal editor of the Chicago Tribune, drew upon his legal background (Yale Law School) and his years as an award-winning reporter to methodically subject the claims of Christ to the scrutiny he used in covering legal cases. With dogged research and unmatched skill, Strobel examined the historical accuracy of the Gospels, the personal claims of Jesus, and His resurrection from the dead.


The result is a remarkable journey from atheism to faith through a two-year investigation of the Bible and the life of Jesus Christ.


And now, The Case for Christ: The Film, produced by La Mirada Films, in association with Carmel Entertainment, comes to life on DVD. Lee Strobel’s stunning and innovative documentary, distributed by Lionsgate, was released on September 11. The DVD features interviews with 10 leading biblical scholars from North America and England, cutting-edge apologetics and a beautiful original music score.


This fascinating DVD is filled with a compelling mix of both historical and contemporary people, places, and findings surrounding the life and authenticity of Jesus of Nazareth. Viewers embark on a search for the Truth and are introduced to a league of experts who address a skeptic’s perspective in an easy-to-understand factual way, based on incredible documented evidence…….thanks to CreationEvolutionHeadlines


Can Jesus’ claims withstand modern scrutiny?

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Egyptian Hair Extensions & Implements with Modern Counterparts

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Sep 13 2007

Left: Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum & Planetarium 

Hairpin, Comb, and Hair Extensions

Period:Middle Kingdom-New Kingdom- various (2066-1069 BC)

Description: This set of hairdresser’s implements aided a woman on her dressing table. Thick hair honored the goddess Hathor. The comb and the hairpin would be used to style the often elaborate hairsyles of the ancient Egyptian women.

Right: All products Hair Supply:

Period: Modern Day 2007

Description: Comb, hair extensions and wig making tools and supplies for making & maintaining hairpieces and wigs.

Top Eleven Mysterious Mysteries of the Pre-Columbian Americas That We Decided to Cram Into One Article

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Sep 11 2007

In this brief article we cover a number of our favorite mysteries from the pre-Columbian Americas. It’s not really a top eleven. We had various bits of info or pictures lying around that we decided to put out there.

Some of them have been covered previously within these pages and some of them are new “mysteries”.

Among them are; giants, an ancient gold yeti or sasquatch(?), a south American airplane, some say an ancient earthmover, a mountaintop seaport with evidence of ocean going creatures, possible dinosaur and human interaction, differential gears and megalithic structures.

Apparently there was quite a bit going on in the Americas before Columbus named the indigenous inhabitants; Indians. Most of these “mysteries” are either ignored by conventional science or given very conventional explanations which no serious scientist would question. We however, intend to speculate freely.

It would seem to us that if our society and technology is truly superior to that of the past, remnants of ancient “technologies” should be relatively easy to explain and easy to duplicate using low technology methods. Such does not seem to be the case.

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Turkey: Noah’s Ark Anomaly Gets a New Image

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Sep 05 2007 2007-09-03 14:14:09 

BEIJING, Sept. 3 (Xinhuanet)—Three high-tech companies have joined technology in the search for evidence that a 980-foot-long feature on Turkey’s Mt. Ararat might be what’s left of Noah’s Ark.

The high-tech effort involves GeoEye, INTA Space Turk, along with the talents of Satellite Imaging Corporation. Satellite Imaging Corporation of Houston, Texas has created a 3D terrain model of the so-called “Mt. Ararat anomaly”—making use of stereo IKONOS satellite image data to create a flyover of the site in remote northeastern Turkey.

Porcher Taylor, an associate professor at the University of Richmond’s School of Continuing Studies, has been at the forefront of utilizing Earth orbiting remote sensing spacecraft to study the Ararat Anomaly from space.

”To be best of my knowledge, to date, only 2D satellite missions had been flown over the anomaly, not stereo missions,” he explained in a press release.

Taylor said GeoEye’s IKONOS satellite serves as a “space-based Indiana Jones” over the anomaly. Furthermore, the GeoEye-1 — to be launched early next year — will make the controversial anomaly almost twice as visible due to that spacecraft’s ultra-powerful 0.4 meter resolution.

The purported anomaly lies surrounded by rugged strato-volcanic rock at the northwestern corner of Mt. Ararat’s western plateau. It sits mostly buried underneath a permanent glacier and drew attention because of its relatively smooth surface texture and unusual physical composition, according to some interpretations. The site occupied by the anomaly is located at 15,300 feet above sea level.

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