Anecdotal Evidence for the Continued Existence of Bi-pedal Dinosaurs

Posted by Chris Parker
Aug 26 2007

It’s certainly possible that some of the creatures carried aboard the ark which are now called dinosaurs still exist. If so, it should be easier to believe that their species survived the global flood—than the 40 million years science claims for their extinction.

One recurrent description of bi-pedal dinosaur-like creatures is that they resemble kangaroos or in some cases, giant kangaroos. Are the sightings of these kangaroo-like creatures actually bi-pedal dinosaurs?



1) Colorado…..But, you simply have to hear what witnesses around Cortez, Colorado are saying about the mystery lizard.

Is something out there?

Is there something bizarre that shows itself only once in a while to a few astounded human beings? 

“It was a Jurassic Park flashback. I mean I was—I couldn’t believe it,” says Shannon Ystesund.

Ystesund and a girlfriend were driving down this road the night of July 5. She says a creature ran in front of the headlights, a very big lizard, nearly vertical, running on its hind legs.

“We were, you know, freaked out. Immediately we thought it was some kind of dinosaur or a huge lizard. So we came home,” she says.

2) Chile…..Strange creatures described as “dinosaur-like” and standing 2 meters (6 feet, 6 inches) tall have been seen in recent weeks in Pampa Acha, a small town 17 kilometers (10 miles) from the city of Arica in northern Chile.

The “two strange creatures, described as small dinosaurs and with a physical appearance similar to that of a kangaroo, were reported by the occupants of a Terrano pickup truck between Iquique and Arica on Thursday night,” July 30, 2004.

“The vehicle’s driver, Dario Riquelme, was traveling in the company of (Chilean) Army official Hernan Cuevas, his wife and two young children. According to his account, the situation which left the family rather nervous and confused at 9:30 p.m. that evening.

The event took place in the Pampa Acha sector, only a few moments before passing” the barrio “Presencias Tutelares, 17 kilometers south of Arica.” “Riquelme and his party left Iquique,” just south of Chile’s border with Peru “at 6 p.m. They were only a few minutes away from Arica and were holding a normal conversation when something strange darted in front of the vehicle.”

“’My companion said, ‘Look at that tremendous beast!’ and I managed to hit the brakes. Then, after a few minutes, the second one ambled past, and it was even more startling because it was just like a dinosaur, walking on two legs. It had very noticeable thighs,’ Riquelme said.”

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