Dogon Dinosaur Update

Posted by Chris Parker
Aug 18 2007


When we discovered this artifact online, it had already been purchased by our friend Vance Nelson at He currently has it in his possession and this new photo is Copyright CreationTruthMinistries.

Looking at the piece again we were struck by how detailed it actually is; the “skin” of the “dinosaur” could also provide evidence that the artist actually saw a living version of the creature at a time scientific depictions of dinosaurs were still “primitive”.

Note the diamond shapes that cover the entire creature. Does that feature match up with any modern dinosaur discoveries we wondered; remembering that we thought the artifact represented an Ornithopod dinosaur.

Hadrosaur Skeleton Found

“The hadrosaur skeleton itself — which includes parts of the hip, a femur, part of a foot, and a 10-foot section of tail that is missing its tip — is already an uncommon discovery because it is the most complete dinosaur skeleton, and the first crested hadrosaur, ever discovered in southern Utah’s Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument, says Alan Titus, a BLM paleontologist with the monument. “Geology and paleontology were part of the reason this monument was established,” Titus says.

This specimen is also special because many of the skin impressions were found in direct contact with the bone, so scientists can place with confidence the different scale patterns on particular parts of the dinosaur, Titus adds.

The specimen has two distinct skin patterns, says David Gillette, the dig’s lead scientist and a curator of the Museum of Northern Arizona. A diamond-shaped pattern was found near the tail’s tip, he says, while a more irregular and polygonal pattern was uncovered closer to the hip”.

Living Dinosaur Sighting

“The expedition brought to the public the testimony of missionary Joseph Ellis who in November of 1971 saw an unusual reptilian animal cross the river in front of him. – Joe was in a 30-foot long dugout motoring his way upstream to Mataba to teach the Bible class to the natives.

At a place in the river that was about 200 feet wide he saw an animal, which he estimated, was 30 feet long (as long as his dugout) cross the river in front of him. The animal had visible diamond shaped objects down the center of its entire length of its body. It was either swimming or walking on the bottom. (The river bottom was an estimated 15 feet deep.) Most of the animal was submerged and not clearly seen out of the water.”

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