Ancient Greenland Was Actually Green
On Finding an Ice-Age Book (Book Of Job)
Ancient Map Shows Greenland Without Ice

Posted by Chris Parker
Jul 08 2007

“One of the remarkable features of the biblical revelation , when it is interpreted literally, is its internal consistency in recording past events that help to explain the present world. Nowhere is this consistency seen more clearly than in the ability of the worldwide Genesis Flood to provide the only adequate explanation for a great geological mystery: the Ice Age.Few realize that the Genesis Flood and the Ice Age are intimately connected in terms of cause and effect. It was the severe disruption of the global climate by the Genesis Flood that caused the Ice Age to develop immediately afterward…

It would be natural to assume that all that is needed to produce an ice age is a series of very cold winters. Not so. In many areas of the world the winters are very cold; yet, these areas may have little snow. In contrast to our present climate, the two basic requirements for an ice age are (1) much cooler summers, and (2) much more snowfall. Probable contributing mechanisms would be warmer winters and warmer oceans.

This combination is an unlikely scenario, and the scientific community, limiting itself to present processes, has hard sledding in trying to account for the cause of the Ice Age. Over sixty theories have been proposed to explain the Ice Age, all with serious defects. However, from computer simulations and from what we know of atmospheric science, the Genesis Flood was capable of producing the Ice Age”…. Marvin L. Lubenow ‘Bones of Contention’, Baker Books, Grand Rapids, Michigan, 1994, 146-149)


Three articles: “The oldest ever recovered DNA samples have been collected from under more than a mile of Greenland ice, and their analysis suggests the island was much warmer during the last Ice Age than previously thought.

The DNA is proof that sometime between 450,000 and 800,000 years ago, much of Greenland was especially green and covered in a boreal forest that was home to alder, spruce and pine trees, as well as insects such as butterflies and beetles.”

Article 2: Main Article. Author makesthe case that the Biblical character, Job actually lived during the ice-age that came years after the flood as a result of the climate change brought on by the great flood. He acounts for cave man, Neanderthal man, stone tools and the geological features that we see today on earth.

Article 3: Is a reminder/dicussion that a number of ancient maps appear to show topographical featurers and knowledge (including aerial maps) that were seemingly, well before their time.

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