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Jun 18 2007

Sinceテつour BLOG went down several weeks ago, comments to the BLOG have gone down 99%. What a relief! Most of it was junk.

However, if you’ve been trying to post unsuccessfully, please send your post to let us know what you wish to respond to and we will post it for you until the apparent problem is solved.

Previously, Allie Webster let us know about her book; テつテつテつEarth Chronicles Volume 1: When the Earth Was Green. If anyone read her book and would like to post a review, please respond to

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Jun 18 2007

Read the Bible!

But, if you have a bit more time on your hands, then “The Days of Peleg”, by Jon Saboe is a must read!

テつThis is a great book! I can’t imagine the time it took Jon just for the research that went into this great first novel, never mind the time it took toテつactually write the nearly 600 page historical piece.

Ourテつsympathies go outテつto his wife Valory.

We’re not sure what we do well here at, but one thing we’re sure we don’t do well is book reviews. One measure I canテつgive about how much I enjoyed this page turner is that I have repeatedly had to repent from the sin of covetousness (hugging myself and imagining I’d wrote it).

The scope of the novel is epic, spanning the time from a few hundred years after the great flood to the time God begin to set aside a people for Himself.

It was great fun discovering the books’ intersection with the Bible and with elements of high technology or anomalous ancient events covered here at and other places. I read copious amounts of science fiction as a child and young adult but at the center of those sometimes greatテつstories was the sense that man was preeminentテつin the universe. In Jon’s book the characters rediscover that God is preeminent.

Mr. Saboe has written aテつstirring, fun, engrossing, scripturally sound andテつthought provokingテつbook with extensive footnoting for those who might want to dig deeper.テつテつCongratulations Jon, it’s a great book. You should be very proud of it. (I know I was when imagining I wrote it :0) )

I will now turn the reviewing over to the professionals over at Jon’s website, where you can purchase the book and obtain signed copies from the author;

The Days of Pelegテつ

The exciting new novel from Jon Saboe!テ「竄ャナ禿つ

Set in ancient Mesopotamia, The Days of Peleg is an action-filled, yet thought-provoking epic which combines the enigmas and mythologies of ancient civilizations with the intrigue of hard science fiction.テ「竄ャツ敕つ テつWhy Is Humanity Dying?テつテつテつテつIt is now one hundred years since the Great Awakening, and the human race is finally colonizing the world with new settlements and centers of commerce. Reu-Nathor, High Minister of the Citadel, announces an expedition to explore their new world, and Peleg is commissioned as Chief Cartographer aboard the Urbat. Pelegテ「竄ャ邃「s core beliefs are challenged and his sense of reality is undermined by the new cultures and tremendous tragedies he encounters during his twelve-year voyage. But he has also been given a secret mission to discover the answer to the one question that no one dares to ask aloud: Why is the human race dying?テつWhat he discovers forces Peleg to re-evaluate all he has ever knownテ「竄ャ窶拌nd also provides him with staggering revelations that will determine the eternal destiny of the entire human race!テつAbout The Days of Pelegテつ

テつテつSet in ancient Mesopotamia, The Days of Peleg is an action-filled, yet thought provoking epic which combines the enigmas and mythologies of ancient civilizations with the intrigue of hard science fiction. Issues as diverse as origins, linguistics, and phenomenology are concealed within an exciting narrative that boasts diverse characters embarked on an unimaginable journey.テつ

You will never think of ancient man in the same way again.テつ

The Days of Peleg provides an exhilarating yet entertaining look at who we once wereテ「竄ャ窶拌nd who we may one day become.テつ

Click Here to go to “Daysof Peleg.comテつ