Orkin (Man) Comes out for Evolution!

Posted by Chris Parker
May 10 2007

Photo: Orkin man does not use pesticides around children and instead apparently kills roaches one by one with his clipboard.

Back when I was growing up we didn’t get to gather around the Orkin man and ask him a bunch of questions like the kids do in a recent Orkin commercial we screened. Kids love a man in uniform I guess but in the old days, we were more partial to fireman, police, or military uniforms (and obviously, ice cream truck driver uniforms).テつ

Anyway, theテつOrkin man has plenty of time to stop and dispense information. These kids apparently do not bug him at all. One interesting bit of knowledge that he drops on the kids is that ants have their skeletons on the outside. “Ewwww”, they respond. Ewwww, indeed!

Then he’s asked if its true that roaches can live with their heads cut off and he informs that indeed roaches can live up to two weeks without their heads! Ewwww! But then he of Orkin went on to say that roaches have been around for more than 280 million years!

That’s quite an indictment on the effectiveness of Orkin, but I’ll let them defend themselves on that one. Clearly though, by giving a figure of 280 million years, Orkin is endorsing the theory of evolution. Here is where the kids should have said, Ewwww!

Do you know why evolutionists (and the scientific elite Orkin man represents) say that roaches have been around for 280 million years? Because as far back as science can see, roaches have always been roaches! If you believe the Bible, that wouldn’t surprise you. If you are an evolutionist, it should surprise you. Why haven’t roaches evolved in the supposed 280 million years that they’ve been around?

Why hasn’t natural selection, a supposedly inexorable テつprocess worked to evolve roaches? Have roaches reached the top of the “evolutionary tree”? What should be recognized as a weakness or anomaly in evolutionary theory is trotted out by evolutionists as just another interesting “fact”テつ scientists have discovered which somehow, generally supports the theory.テつ

We call for a boycott, if not of Orkin, then certainly of roaches.

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  1. Yosemite1967 says:

    This calls for letters to the head office of Orkin, to set them straight and–I agree–a boycott. I wonder how much of their patronage comes from creationists, whom they just snubbed. I say we let them find out rather quickly how much of their patronage comes from creationists!

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