Update on “Stone Faced Man”

Posted by Chris Parker
Mar 14 2007

A friend of ours with the wonderful name of Christer Stone, sent us some pictures some time back of a fossil he’d discovered in Sweden which for all the world appears to be a human head.

He believes that the stone itself is flint which supposedly formed between 65 to 140 million years or so ago. The problem a human head fossilized in flint causes the paradigm are obvious, no? That is if one is inclined to accept current scientific theories about such things. It’s not such a problem if you accept the Genesis account.

Anyway, Christer sent along a note with some news, as well as some new photos of the “stone faced man” as well as a new photo of a fossilized human footprint in stone.
“Hi s8int.com,
I have some new pictures on the “fossil faced man”

If you think they are better you can use them

on your webpage.  

I have human footprints in stone on
http://www.humanfossil.se/” look on “traces from the past”.

I´m going to get published in April in a Japanse

magazine about ooparts. They know about your site”.

Click link below to read original article on s8int.com

Click link below to read articles on Christer’s site

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