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Scholar No Pfann of “Lost Tomb of Jesus” Claim-Says Key Evidence Misinterpreted

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Mar 14 2007

Stephen Pfann, a textual scholar and paleographer at the University of the Holy Land in Jerusalem, said he has released a paper claiming the makers of “The Lost Tomb of Jesus” were mistaken when they identified an ancient ossuary from the cave as belonging to the New Testament’s Mary Magdalene.

….The film and book suggest that a first-century ossuary found in a south Jerusalem cave in 1980 contained the remains of Jesus, contradicting the Christian belief that he was resurrected and ascended to heaven. Ossuaries are stone boxes used at the time to store the bones of the dead.

The filmmakers also suggest that Mary Magdalene was buried in the tomb, that she and Jesus were married, and that an ossuary labeled “Judah son of Jesus” belonged to their son.

The scholars who analyzed the Greek inscription on one of the ossuaries after its discovery read it as “Mariamene e Mara,” meaning “Mary the teacher” or “Mary the master.”

Before the movie was screened, Jacobovici said that particular inscription provided crucial support for his claim. The name Mariamene is rare, and in some early Christian texts it is believed to refer to Mary Magdalene.

But having analyzed the inscription, Pfann published a detailed article on his university’s Web site asserting that it doesn’t read “Mariamene” at all.

The inscription, Pfann said, is made up of two names inscribed by two different hands: the first, “Mariame,” was inscribed in a formal Greek script, and later, when the bones of another woman were added to the box, another scribe using a different cursive script added the words “kai Mara,” meaning “and Mara.” Mara is a different form of the name Martha.

According to Pfann’s reading, the ossuary did not house the bones of “Mary the teacher,” but rather of two women, “Mary and Martha.”

“In view of the above, there is no longer any reason to be tempted to link this ossuary … to Mary Magdalene or any other person in biblical, non-biblical or church tradition,” Pfann wrote.

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Update on “Stone Faced Man”

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Mar 14 2007

A friend of ours with the wonderful name of Christer Stone, sent us some pictures some time back of a fossil he’d discovered in Sweden which for all the world appears to be a human head.

He believes that the stone itself is flint which supposedly formed between 65 to 140 million years or so ago. The problem a human head fossilized in flint causes the paradigm are obvious, no? That is if one is inclined to accept current scientific theories about such things. It’s not such a problem if you accept the Genesis account.

Anyway, Christer sent along a note with some news, as well as some new photos of the “stone faced man” as well as a new photo of a fossilized human footprint in stone.
I have some new pictures on the “fossil faced man”

If you think they are better you can use them

on your webpage.  

I have human footprints in stone on” look on “traces from the past”.

I´m going to get published in April in a Japanse

magazine about ooparts. They know about your site”.

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