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Tyrannosaurus Depiction on Pre-Columbian Teponaztle? (Ancient Drum)…

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Mar 12 2007

At the House of Music in Mexico, they’ve collected a number of ancient artifacts from ancient, pre-columbian, Hispanic cultures such as the Maya and the Aztecs. This particular piece is identified as a zoomorphic teponzatle or drum. Zoomophic means that it is in the shape of an animal.

To our eyes it looks like a particular type of animal; a dinosaur thought to have become extinct millions of years ago, a tyrannosaur or other closely related meat eater.Sure, we’re just speculating. It’s possible that if we had another photographic view of this ancient artifact we might draw a completely different conclusion. what do you think?

“The Aztec Drum or teponaztle is a rectangular shaped drum played by the Aztec and Mayan people of Old Mexico before the European conquest. Their ancient playing style, which combines sounds from two or more tongues cut into the drum body, was lost in the 16th century.

Today, the original playing techniques are utilized by traditional Mexican dance groups.

The drum is played by striking the tongues on top of the instrument with rubber tipped mallets. By combining the sound patterns, the player can create intricate and endless rhythms. A pair of mallets are included with each drum”…. Cottage Woodworks

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