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Was A “Living Dinosaur” Killed in the Florida Everglades in 1901?

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Mar 03 2007

A number of newspaper archives have recently become a available to the public and from them a number of interesting but forgotten articles of interest have been rediscovered.

Even in 1901 apparently, the idea that science and scientists would suppress phenomena that did not fit the pardigm was already well understoodテ「竄ャツヲs8int.comテつ

“Thus announced the December 8th, 1901 edition of the Brooklyn Daily Eagle, telling the strange story of a hunter’s discovery in the Florida Everglades of what appeared to be an actual living dinosaur. The event is described in the article as follows”: ….ForteanHistoricalArchive

テつ”According to the story which has been allowed to reach the public, a hunter in the Everglades noticed a tremendous track through the swamp grasses which he thought had been made by a mammoth alligator. For several days he tried to track the supposed alligator, but failing to do so he at last climbed a tree by the side of the tracks and waited there for two days.テつAt last he saw what seemed to him to be an immense serpent approaching through the marsh. Then he saw that the thing had legsテ「竄ャツヲ.”テつ

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