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Nazca Culture Dinosaur Depiction

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Feb 13 2007

Photo: DinosaursandHumans.orgテつ This Nazca Culture pottery was created more than 1 thousand years before scientists discovered that some sauropod dinosaurs had dermal spines as depicted by the Nazcansテつ

The Nazca culture flourished in the Nazca region between 300 BC and 800 AD. They created the famous Nazca lines and built an impressive system of underground aqueducts that still function today. Near the aqueducts open to tourists, there is an overlook point which includes an Inca building added after the Inca conquest of the area.

On the pampa, on which the Nazca lines were made, the ceremonial city of Cahuachi (1-500 AD) sits overlooking the lines. Modern knowledge about the culture of the Nazca is built upon studying the city of Cahuachi.

Dermal Spines Discovered in 1992

“Recent discoveries of fossilized sauropod skin (diplodocid) impressions reveal a very different appearance for these dinosaurs. The fossilized skin demonstrates that a median row of spines was present over the tail and may have continued along the body and neck. This gives these dinosaurs an ornamental profile of dermal spines.

The discoveries were made by the Sauria Museum of Aathal Switzerland, and paleontologist Stephen Czerkas, at the Howe Quarry in Wyoming. Czerkas published a preliminary report in Geology in December of 1992, and then a complete report in Gaia in December of 1994″…DinosaurMuseum

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