Design Correlation of the Towers in North Africa, Central America and East Asia for the Cities for Survival

Posted by Chris Parker
Feb 09 2007

From Clifford Paiva, PhD:

“Enclosed are the frames correlating the common design from East Asia, Central America and North Africa.

Josephus attributes survival towers to Nimrod, great-grandson of Noah.

(Josephus who became known, in his capacity as a Roman citizen, as Flavius Josephus[2], was a 1st-century Jewish historian and apologist of priestly and royal ancestry who survived and recorded the Destruction of Jerusalem in 70. His works give an important insight into first-century Judaism…wikipedia)

Nimrod led the effort in the Iraq area…placed the destruction of the surface of the planet directly at the feet of God, and vowed to construct towers of sufficient height that would preclude the possibility of submergence.

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