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Posted by Chris Parker
Feb 02 2007



Here at s8int.com. we’ve got a bit of a time crunch going. Normally, we’d take time to run down more information about these objects before we presented them. Not having the time for that at the moment, we’re publishing them and asking for help.

If you can help with these identifications or can provide some missing information it would be much appreciated…..s8int.com

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  1. Sparky says:

    The horse with the reptillian looking head and neck appears to be wearing a sort of head dressing. The actual proportions of the horses head and neck seems accurate – a standing horse can bend its head down and bite/chew/sniff its hoof. The head dressing may be the “cape” (skull and neck hide) of another animal (apparently reptillian) draped over the head and neck of the horse to give it a more fierce appearance. (The actual proportions of the caped animals skull appears to differ from the horse.) This same technique was practiced by Native Americans and other ancient peoples.

  2. Administrator says:


    That’s extremely interesting. You just happened to be lurking around here with that kind of info in your head?

    I still can’t believe that the horse’s head and neck is in the right proportion (especially when compared to the horse to the rear. If you’re right, we still have a mystery; what animals skull and neck hide is being represented?

    What animals did Native American’s use for this?


  3. I do not know who you all are but you have an incredible web site. You do a great work for those that love God with you’r work you do. You expose all of satan in ways that he does not like you to do. I thank God for you all and all you have done and I pray ernestly that you get you’r reward from the according to you’r work. Thank you all more than you will ever know. Apostle Ron

  4. Administrator says:

    Thanks, Sparky!

    I appreciate the kind words more than you could know. I spend too much time on this site but it’s a better hobby than some.

    God bless and say hello from time to time.


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