Sea Monsters Don’t Exist;
Are You Going to Believe Science-Or Your Lying Eyes?

Posted by Chris Parker
Jan 23 2007


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2 Responses

  1. dragon girl says:

    oh so sea monsters don’t exist do they? well let me tell you a few things. if sea monsters aren’t real than the dinosaurs never lived. sea monsters are dinosaurs that managed to survived the impact that killed most of them. just because you find a bunch of bones that look like some other animal doesn’t mean it have to study the bones to know what it is.if sea monsters have never lived than what does every one see in lakes? i mean everything can’t be fake. the sea holds lots of secrets.

  2. Taznay says:

    people who say that sea monsters and aliens don’t exist only see and beleive what they want to. they think there is no other life forms except themselves! people should open their eyes and look properly, they will be shocked with what they see.

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