Oiseau-sauriens in France

Posted by Chris Parker
Jan 22 2007


Photo:Rocky Reaches of Plougastel

“If you read French, check out the Jan. 21 regional edition supplement to the Breton newspaper Ouest-France (édition de Plougastel).

In a tiny article, buried among ads for farm equipment, it notes that during the week of Jan. 3, 7 new reports were made of “oiseax-sauriens” to the prefectures of Audierne and Douarnenez (department of Sud-Finistere, commune of Plougastel-Reaumur, municipality of Douarnenez).

I’m 61, and this has been going on all my life. Big, leathery birds with folding wings seen throughout Brittany, scaring peasants, stealing children, frightening motorists.

Of course, a major French newspaper isn’t going to threaten the one industry that keeps Bretons from starving: tourism. These stories are always squelched.

Here’s a sentences or two from the brief article. (translation mine) From the rocky reaches of the Pointe du Raz to the Bay of Douarnenez, new and some more terrifying sighting of oiseaux-sauriens (dinosaur birds) have been reported to both local prefectures in Audierne and Douarnenez as well as to the National Police CRS in Quimper.

At least one roadside crash happened when a startled driver in Plougastel swerved to avoid what he said was a (oiseau-saurien) measuring at least 12 meters from beak to feet and having a wingspan of over 15 meters (fifty feet) combined.


Remember the thunderbirds thread? I brought this all up before. Breton “peasants” (paysans—not a negative word in French) are rarely surprised by this. Many would just like the French government to at least pay a little attention and stop dismissing stories as peasant nonsense”.


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