Distinctive Ornithocheirid Pterosaur on Mayan Funerary Vase from Dzibanche

Posted by Chris Parker
Jan 15 2007


In this section, dinosaurs in literature art & history, we believe we’ve proven (at least to the open mind) that “dinosaurs” and man co-existed. We understand that readers will find some of our “proofs” more convincing than others. Pterosaurs are/were a very diverse group of creatures butテつ we think that the unique look of this particular type will helpテつus make the case forテつthe identification.

The ornithocheirids included the largest flying animals ever, and among other features had a distinctive snout crest that make them readily identifiable. This characteristic also makes it somewhat easier to separate characterizations of these creatures from that of birds such as pelicans.

In addition this Mayan characterization also includes a pronged hindskull. This type of ornithocheirid has been found in South America where the Mayans who created this ancient art lived. This funerary vessel was found in a tomb at Dzibanche.


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