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San Clemente Island Sea Monster

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Dec 20 2006

Photo: Good times! San Clemente Sea Monster in the Santa Barbara Channel. A few years later, dead on Moore’s Beach-no doubt killed by scientific indifference… By the time Howard Wilson and his mother Grace Wilson sighted the San Clemente Sea monster in the ocean from a cliff above Aliso Beach, in 1922, literally hundreds of eyewitnesses had reported seeing the creature around the San Clemente Island area.

The testimony of that many eyewitnesses over the years would have been more than enough to send 40 or 50 men or more to California’s gas chamber but still isn’t enough to convince science that something huge, and unexplainable lived in those waters.

San Clemente Island is in the Santa Barbara Channel, about 7o miles northwest of San Diego. The last reported sighting of the San Clemente sea monster was by the Wilsons in 1922.

Three years later, about 400 miles away on the same coastline, near Monterey, a large unknown creature matching the Wilson’s description (horse-like head) and that of other witnesses of the San Clemente sea monster washed up dead on Moore’s Beach (now Natural Bridges State Beach), as covered on Page 1 of this section.

Coincidence? Maybe.


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