What Darwin Never Imagined

Posted by Chris Parker
Dec 18 2006

If Darwin had known just how very complex the single cell is, Richard Dawkins might still be an intellectually unfullfilled Atheist.

That is, if Darwin had understood that rather than simply being something like a ho ho, (creamy center surounded by a layer of cake and an outside layer of glazed chocolate), that the cellテつis in fact more like a very complex, self repairing, self reproducing factoryテつ containing enough information to fillテつthe books in three libraries, he might have understood that it was not something that could have arisen by chance.

Paradoxically for materialists, the more science advances, the more strain there is placed on materialist science like the theory of evolution. Many scientistsテつare in awe of the complex biological machines that carry on the work of the cell. Design is evident.

This asounding animation of the “INNER LIFE OF THE CELL” (3 minute preview) was produced by XVIVO for the Harvard UniversityテつHHMI Biological Sciences Multimedia Project. If you can watch even this short preview of the full video and not understand that the cell is a complex, finely tuned, designed and engineered system, then perhaps nothing could convince you short of the Final Judgment.


Click Here or on Photo to see the animation preview

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