Historical Note: I Saw a Sea Monster, by Ralph Bandini

Posted by Chris Parker
Dec 12 2006

From Esquire Magazine for Men, June 1934

Photo: Pliosaur as the “Thing”.

“Have any of you ever seen a sea monster? No? Very well—I have!

It is an amazing story—and true in every detail. I am quite aware that it takes square issue with science. I have no illusions as to inevitable scepticism. Nevertheless, I know what I saw—and I tell it as I saw it”.

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2 Responses

  1. dragon girl says:

    From your pictures i suspect that it may be a type of dinosaur. If the thing you saw looks like the pictures than you are looking a fierce liopleurodon. i think your story is true after all my years of seaching for creatures of the deep. I feel that you have something to talk about and will catch people’s eye if you get a picture out in public. I enjoyed reading your article and hope to you the best with your seaching.

  2. Tom says:

    This seems to be a plesiosaur. Pliosaurs don’t have long necks, and probably wouldn’t have been shy, considering they were 50ft(at the largest) long marine predators, probably capable of taking down small whales. If it was such an animal, it probably wouldve tried to attack your boat, thinking it was either a rival animal encrouching on its territory, or prey. I think it’s a plesiosaur that has found a secluded area that is abundant of it’s food(fish), since it said in the article that only fishing boats come to the area.

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