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Interesting Olmec Piece from Tres Zapotes, Vera Cruz, Mexico

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Dec 01 2006

You may think its’s true of all or most of our posts here but we’re going to acknowledge this one as “frivolous”.

The Olmecs are Pre-Hispanic and mysterious, in some ways more advanced than the Inca’s, Aztecs and Mayans who followed them in Central and South America. That civilization may have started as early as 1500 B.C..

Although claims have been made that the Olmes, were Asians, Africans or East Indians, this piece stuck us as atypical of all of them.

Remembering what Solomon said about there being nothing new under the sun, here we have a look from the past that was apparently innocently copied wiithout attribution by the Beatniks of the 60″s –and if science fiction writers are correct could come into vogue again in the distant future (evil Spock)–should the world stand that long.

According to the caption, the sculpture is so lifelike that it is certain that is was modeled after a real, living individual who was no doubt “laid back”.

Pyramids Were Built with Concrete Rather Than Rocks, Scientists Claim

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Dec 01 2006

The Ancient Egyptians built their great Pyramids by pouring concrete into blocks high on the site rather than hauling up giant stones, according to a new Franco-American study. 

The research, by materials scientists from national institutions, adds fuel to a theory that the pharaohs’ craftsmen had enough skill and materials at hand to cast the two-tonne limestone blocks that dress the Cheops and other Pyramids.

Despite mounting support from scientists, Egyptologists have rejected the concrete claim, first made in the late 1970s by Joseph Davidovits, a French chemist.


Times Online. Click here to Read Article