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How’re You Going to Keep “Neanderthal” Up in the Cave Now That He’s Seen Paris?

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Sep 22 2006


Neanderthal man cleans up real nice.

We started a section called “Those Sophisticated Cave Men” several years ago for the purpose of showing the evidence that our ancestors were in fact not primitive, not virtually animals. We wanted to show that “Neanderthal” and “Cro-Magnon” were primitive only in the eyes of artists influenced by evolutionary theory. The advances in forensic recreations from skulls as well as artifacts of these people have served to prove them more and more to be “us”.

Now mainstream science is finally coming around to what creationists have always been saying about them; they were/are fully human–there were no pre-humans. You’re welcome, science!

Science now agrees that; they had a language, had speech, thay they did bury their dead, were capable of symbolic thought, had larger brains, keener senses, could passテつby todayテつwithout much notice in a suit, and were way stronger than “we” are. (This is because the human genome has been becoming 1% to 2% “less fit” each generation due to the rampant deleterious, mutation in our genome.)

Evolutionists, for their own reasons (inconvenient for evolutionary theory) insisted that “modern man” and “Neanderthal” never met and that even if they had, they never would have intermixed. Now, they’re saying that some of us living today have up to 5% “Neanderthal” genes. Welcome aboard the truth train science, unfortunately all we have available now are aisle seats.

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