Ancient 3D Aerial Map Manufactured with Modern Technology

Posted by Chris Parker
Sep 21 2006

Back in 1992 a Pravda story about an ancient 3D aerial high technology map made a big splash all over the internet and to a much lesser degree, the “conventional” press (apologies, but it was in Pravda not the New York Times).

It was claimed that a 5 foot, one ton slab found in Ufa, Russia (map of the creator) was a 120 million year old ancient topographical map, manufactured through an unknown process, and clearly was the product of an advanced civilization.

What made the story so unusual, outside of the facts presented were that the claims were being made by the head of the Physics and Engineering Department at a well known, Russian University.

The proponent of the claims, Aleksandr Nikolayevich Chuvyrov, had a doctorate in both physics and mathematics and had previously published many peer reviewed articles within his specialty. When he gives his opinion on the manufacturing of the stone slab, you will see by reading his Curriculum Vitae below that he is an expert in that field.

We were not concerned with the time frame given because it was produced using the typical materialist dating system. What was clear is/was that this was potentially an ancient piece featuring advanced technology.

After the original article appeared and created a sensation, Chuvyrov participated in an online press conference in June, 2002 in which he answered additional questions. After that, really as far as we could see, not much else happened.

When we were putting together this website in 2003, the interest in the “map” had waned. We felt that really, with his credentials and the claims being made, more news about the artifact should have broken and since it had not, we supposed that perhaps there was nothing to it after all.

We did find an update or at least an interview given by Chuvyrov in 2004, in Italy. he is apparently still on the faculty of the University of Bashkiria in Ufa, Russia. An American company, the History of Cartography Project in Wisconsin was according to Pravda studying the slab reported in 2004 that they had not actually seen the map although they had been contacted by the professor.

Here we provide a translation of his Italian interview in 2004, the professor’s credentials as well as the original story and photos. Make of it what you will.

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3 Responses

  1. sim says:

    Here is another weird scale model:

    I am curious how far away these 2 places are from each other.

  2. says:

    Interesting Sim,

    Notice this quote from “our” article on the slab/map:

    “The latest investigations of the map bring one sensation after another. Now, the scientists are sure of the map being only a fragment of a big map of the Earth. According to some hypothesis, there were totally 348 fragments like that. The other fragments could be probably somewhere near there.

    In the outskirts of Chandar, the scientists took over 400 samples of soil and found out that the whole map had been most likely situated in the gorge of Sokolinaya Mountain (Falcon Mountain).

    Though, during the glacial epoch it was tore to pieces. But if the scientists manage to gather the “mosaic,” the map should have an approximate size of 340 x 340 m.”

  3. .. says:



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