Monster Bird Reported Seen by Two Missourians

Posted by Chris Parker
Sep 20 2006


St. Louis, April 10, 1948 U.P.


A retired Air Force colonel and a 12 year old boy tonight backed up a report by two Belvidere, Ill residents of spotting a “monster bird”.

Col. W. F. Siegmund, former commandant of the Army air base at Kearns, Utah, said he observed the creature at about 11:30 a.m. last Sunday while horseback riding four miles north of Alton, Ill.

James Trares, 12, said he saw the bird flying over his home in suburban Glendale, Mo. About three months ago.

The Belvidere report yesterday quoted Robert Price and Veryl Babb as saying the bird was “bigger than an airplane” and flapped his wings.

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