The Undeniably Immense Lake Tahoe Amphibious Serpent

Posted by Chris Parker
Sep 16 2006


A Mrs. Mattie Hatcher, who now lives in Georgia but who formerly lived in Hood Valley near Crater Lake recalled seeing a huge monster in that lake while in a rowboat with friends many years ago thusly: It swam deep down in the lake, and it was unbelievably big.

It swam deep down in the lake, and it was unbelievably big.

“That thing must have been a block long,” she said. “I have never been so scared in my life. What we saw that day was a monster. To me, it looked like a dragon. I know why the Indians call that place Lost Lake. They say monsters live in it. I believe them. I know, because I saw one there.”

For the record, the average city block in Manhattan is 264 feet by 900 feet, but perhaps Mrs. Hattie didn’t intend to be that accurate with her description. A San Francisco road crew in 1983 and then the Clark Brothers, initially in 1985 reported seeing a sea serpent in San Francisco Bay that measured more than 100 feet long with a circumference of five feet.

A video analysis by photo expert Dr. Cliff Paiva, of a video subsequently obtained by the Clark brothers years after the initial sighting, indicated unknown animals of approximately 175 feet in length. Several years ago, in the Mariana Trench, at a depth of 1.5 kilometers, Japanese researchers baited a trap only to see an unknown creature with a length of more than 180 feet slowly pass their video camera.

The Hessa Serpent seen feeding on a whale’s carcass (and easily moving it around) off the coast of Norway was said to be approximately 100 feet long. All of the foregoing are without a doubt impressively sized “monster’s but all of them fall far short of the amphibious “monster” serpent that a Mr. I. C. Coggin, a person of some renown and status, claims he witnessed (along with others) near Lake Tahoe in 1865.

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