Large Flying Creature Photographed

Posted by Chris Parker
Sep 12 2006

Based on the buildings in the shot this creature (flying fox, bat…) has a large wing span.






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  1. Sim says:


    I have a couple of problems. Sony makes Cyber-shot’s and Canon makes Power Shot’s. No night vision looks like that… Unless at 2am in the Phillipines it is as light as about 2pm and the night vision info was not implying that it was used.
    I would love someone to show me proof that I am wrong though.

  2. admin says:


    By posting this here we are makng no specific claims about the photo. Here is a borrowed response: (we know nothing about night vision:

    “First of all-as a person who has visited this area-the clouds DO come rolling in EARLY in the morning at certain times of the year in that country.

    Heck, it is HOT by no later than FOUR AM in the Summer!

    Second-again speaking from wence I know-I’ve taken more than one photo using night vision peripherals-and THEY CAN come out looking exactly as is depicted here.

    Third, it is entirely possible to take SEVERAL photos of a slower-moving creature at a rather LOW altitude(as this one appears to be)and have little trouble centering the shots, unless of course you don’t have much practical experience at FIELD photography(which my guess is many folks here DON’T).

    Fourth, when photographing moving creatures which primarily GLIDE(as bats DO)you will take the vast majority of pictures that look EXACTLY here.

    Fifth, for anyone who thinks this thing is a FAKE put your photoshop to good use:blow up this picture and take a GOOD LOOK. This thing is REAL!

    Lastly, folks here are apparently NOT familiar with the Philippino legends about what this thing is. An “ASWANG” is bat form of a VAMPIRE.
    The legendary conformations are EXACTLY as depicted here:general bat-form with longer, well-formed arms.

    There is also the belief that these things enter the body of the sleeping, overtaking one’s spirit.

    As to why the photographer “just happened to have a camera on him at the moment it flew over” is anyone’s guess. Any number of plausible scenarios can be imagined. I DO agree:if I SAW this thing flying overhead I’D RUN LIKE HECK!” Edited


    Offered for sake of discussion…

  3. doone128 says:

    Have we any information about where this pic came before we jump to any conclusions? The source of this pic/info would be greatly beneficial.

  4. Administrator says:

    Added another view of the “flying creature”.

  5. sim says:

    Can anyone give me a link to any quality pictures taken with night vision that would produce images of this quality and colour depth?
    google and yahoo gives me washed out and hazy… markedly better than the old style “grainy-green” but not like this.

    Admin- FYI, I love this site and what it represents and I am also a firm believer that their are plenty of things we don’t know about that are living all around us.
    These images and their story just seem a bit sketchy.

    Keep up the good work.

  6. Administrator says:

    We are right with you. We have no idea whether this whole story is true or not. We’re not defending it, we just thought that you, like us might find it interesting. I think its possible it was taken with night vison and brightened in photoshop as I’ve done. Also, possible with an early sunrise it was somewhat brighter out than we’re thinking. I looked for night vision photos as well as photos in the Phillipines in early morning.

    I think te first impulse is always a bit of sketicism though it seems that the creature itself looks real enough wiith no obvious paste in when viewed at magnification in photo draw.

    Oh, and thanks for complimenting the site.

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