Ancient Pyramids of Montana?

Posted by Chris Parker
Sep 11 2006


“My boyfriend and I were recently traveling through Eastern Montana in August 2006 and noticed the occasional lone pyramidal-looking mountain. These look like they could be ancient pyramids from the times of antiquity, as discussed by Steve Quayle and other popular Coast guests.

They obviously show signs of wear, but that would be expected of structures that old. (If you add some reddish tint to the photos, they actually look they could be Martian landscape!)

Regards, Cynthia.

Source: Coast to Coast

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  1. Chris Ackerman says:

    Is it possible that pyramids are buried throughout the world? Since the dicovery of the massive pyramid in Bosinia, this article is especially interesting. Did the author note where this “pyramid” is located in Montana? Perhaps someone could go and check it out. Do you know the approximate size of it?


  2. Administrator says:

    I don’t know the answers to those questions Chris, but I’m beginning to wonder the same thing you are (which is why I posted this). Look though, here is her e-mail address; {} Between the {}. She listed her name as Cynthia.

    If you have the time, e-mail her and let us know if she gets back to you with some answers.

  3. Chris Ackerman says:

    A few months ago you had a picture of a stone ball a Canadian mining company dug up. Similar ones are in Bosnia too. Apparently, they are all over the place in Bosnia.

    I remember reading another story on your website about the discovery of a black cylinder in a Yugoslavian cave during WWII. I wonder if this area was an antedeluvian city? Have you heard any more about this area of the world?


  4. Fickels Dorf says:

    Just think what it would mean if that was a real pyramid in Montana? WOW!!! That would be the find of 21th century.

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