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Posted by Chris Parker
Sep 07 2006







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8 Responses

  1. Natanna Hall says:

    We should keep God in our Pledge and everything else. Our whole country was founded by our trust in God and that has not changed.

  2. Pam Spencer says:

    I believe we need to keep God in everything. On our money on the walls of all hallways.
    When we start taking God out of the country on which our faith was built, then God is
    going to turn his back on us and his wrath will come upon our people and land.

  3. Patrick says:

    I agree with you guys but in just might already be to late. But dont forget that though things might look bad continue looking up, and teaching others about the Lord. So that at least some will come to the knowledge of God and repent ( turn away from of their sins).

  4. Betty says:

    I believe we should keep “In God We Trust” in our pledge and on our money. This country was founded on Godly principles by Godly people. God has blessing the United States – but if we turn our backs to Him, He will turn His back to us.

  5. Doris L. Klemm says:

    I believe that, since the Founders of our Nation established a Nation Under God, that we should not back away from those beliefs. Also, since the majority of us are always being asked to be “sensitive” to the minorities, it’s time for the minorities to be “sensitive” to us Believers, who are in the vast majority. When they are reciting the Pledge, they can always drop out for the offending phrase, then join in again for the conclusion. God Bless America.

  6. Administrator says:

    Good points, Doris alhough I would note that specifically, it is God who asks us, no, commands us to be “sensitive” to “minorities” and “majorities”, indeed to all men and since we are under God, Christians in this great country and wherever they live, should be happy to do so.

  7. Ben Mooneyham says:

    Our fore fathers who founded this country gave their lives so that we may have the country we live in today. If we take any wording out of what they wrote then we are saying what our country was founded on was wrong. I think it would be a great injustice to do away with something that our entire Nation and way of life was founded on. If a minority group can come in and change things against a majority voice then our society and country is lost. If our government were to let this happen then why even have a government at all. It will no longer be a Nation that is governed by the People, for the People. I do beleive in God and I say if someone does not like it then they do not have to live here. They may go to another country where someone will put up with them. Its time we get our country back on track the way it was set up in the first place.

  8. Hannah says:

    How can all of you be so ignorant? “In God We Trust” and “Under God” we added in the 1950′s! They we NEVER an original part of our history.

    Also the claim that we are a “Christian Nation” is COMPELETLY false. There is no mention of God anywhere in our constitution.

    Ben Mooneyham, if you can’t deal with the fact that this is a free country, for those who are religious AND those who are not, YOU should be the one to leave.

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