Remarkable Ancient Sculptures from North-west America

Posted by Chris Parker
Sep 03 2006


Nature Editor Charles H. Smith’s Note:

Mr. James Terry has just published descriptions and photographs of some of the most remarkable works of prehistoric man yet discovered on the American continent.

The title of his paper is sufficiently startling, but it is fully borne out by the beautiful full-size and half-size photographic prints with which it is illustrated.

They represent three rude, yet bold, characteristic, and even life-like sculptures of simian heads, executed in basalt. One of these belongs to the author, one to Mr. T. Condon, and the third to Prof. O. C. Marsh, who referred to it, in his address “On Vertebrate Life in America,” in the following terms:—

“On the Columbia River I have found evidence of the former existence of inhabitants much superior to the Indians at present there, and of which no tradition remains.

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    Excellent blog and website. I am still enjoying reading the articles, and well done for putting all this information in one place.

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