Global Distribution of Pyramids

Posted by Chris Parker
Aug 24 2006

Photo:Pyramids Found in Italy?

Could the Tower of Babel have been a Pyramid? Dr. Paiva has a theory about the increasingly evident worldwide distribution of pyramidal structures.

“The enclosed data reflect the global distribution of towers in a post-Flood world. It should be remembered that the fundamental outlook for centuries in the post-deluvian environment was how to survive another world hydraulic inundation.

Statements from Noah, Ham, Shem and Japheth would mean little when compared to a constant presence of water and an unseen cause of the destruction.

Nimrod, great-grandson of Noah, capitalized on this fear for personal ambitious reasons. The development of towers continued after the confusion of communication in Shinar.

These towers are normally associated with a city complex, which were developed in post-deluvian times and are probably an integral part of Nimrod’s survival methods.

All pyramid cities are for this research considered post-Babel. The Babel tower and city development after dispersion were continued in Central America, South America, North Africa and Asia.

It is apparent from Chapter IV; Section II of the Josephus’ Antiquities of the Jews, that the “tower” being constructed in Shinar was in fact a means of surviving another world inundation from God; therefore a global system of refuge from another flood was required… least so says Nimrod.

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  1. Terrie says:

    I don’t agree with the teaching that Nimrod & Co were trying to build a tower tall enough to escape another world wide flood -no not at all.

    There was another article linked from here once that pointed out that they would not have tried building a tower tall enough to escape a flood in a “plain” -silly, no?
    These guys were so smart that whatever they were doing caused the LORD to confuse the languages of mankind into thousands -many times over; precisely to set them back from being able to achieve whatsoever they “imagined”.

    Then, the word ‘babel’ itself means ‘gate of God’ in the Aramaic, and a tower whose ‘top’ ‘heaven’ was what they had the ability to build, and that was inspired by the fallen cherub himself, according to Isaiah 14, who inspired the first ‘king of Babylon’ to try to overthrow the throne of the LORD in heaven -and on earth.

    That battle is not ended, and the prophecies against the ‘king of Babylon’ have never been fulfilled as they are to be, in exactly the manner prophesied; so the final battle is yet to come over the throne of the LORD in heaven and in earth -is how I see that passage.

    YHWH set mankind back, with the confusion of languages, into a dark age which stopped the plan that Nimrod & Co had -with the help from the fallen angels, apparently, for it says Nimrod ‘began to be a mighty one in the earth’, and Nimrod’s descendents are meant, as he personally could not have done all that is said about it.

    I think the language is telling, also, that they wanted to ‘make a name’ -not to keep from being scattered all over the earth, but precisely to scatter ‘it’ all over the earth -and fill the face of the world with cities, as Isaiah 14 speaks of; so God did scatter them -but they did not ‘make’ for themselves the name to fill the face of the world with; in other words, it was a plot to take over the earth -in the same manner as before the flood- and is just one of the “also after that’s’ of Genesis 6.

    That is what I see in the wording, and the battle will commence once again, I believe, at a certain time, but will end as Isaiah 14 prophecies against the ‘king of Babylon’ yet to come, who is used by the fallen Cherub as the one in Genesis 11 was.

    In Zechariah 5 the woman in a basket gets a base set up in ‘Shinar’, in the futire; and that is the wickedness, called the ‘mystery of iniquity’ coming, I believe, when the Babylonian king arises who has the base for the woman [the Mystery Babylon, I believe, is not the Roaman Church, but that which began with Nimrod & Co and will once again flourish in the world, from the land of Shinar.
    That’s my two cents -anyone can study it more for themselves and follow the themes through using a Hebrew concordance to chek out the original wording and linking the many other passages that speak of these things to those.

    Genesis 11 and Isaiah 14 speak of the same time and a fulfillment comes yet in the future against the ‘king of Babylon’ the Assyrian whom YHWH breaks ‘in His land’; which has not happened yet.

    Looking at Isaiah 14, it declares that ‘the seed of evildoers will never be named’; and it says;

    “Prepare slaughter for his children for the iniquity of their fathers; that they do not rise, nor possess the land, nor fill the face of the world with cities.”

    filling the face of the world with cities inhabited with the ‘name’ that they had the ability to ‘make’ themselves, was the plot that Nimrod & Co had, which was so awful that we speak thousands and thousands of languaages all over the world today.

  2. Administrator says:


    Thanks for your comments. I expect that even Dr. Paiva would say that this is only a theory. In any case, it is his theory, not’s, thought we found it interesting.

    It was not meant to be a teaching. Like many things here, it is an attempt to deal with anomalous data and fit it into a framework that makes sense. For us, it is into a biblical framework that we try to place this information. Its all just something to consider.

    We do disagree with your view of Isa 14 as something that has yet to be fulfilled. One of the reasons we cqn have confidence in OT prophesy is because it came true.

    Isa 14 is a prophesy against an actual king and an actual place: Babylon. This prophesy begins in chap 13 and is completed there in chapter 14. In chapter 13 it tells us that Babylon was to be overthrown by the Medes, a real people who overthrew Babylon more 2,500 years ago.

  3. Terrie says:

    I of course love and appreciate the site you run and thank you for it, and I didn’t by any means exhaust the Scripture reasons for why I believe Genesis 11 and Isaiah 14 speak of a beginning war against God by a Babylonian king [in Scripture, kingship may pass from one person to another over a dominion, but are oft spoken of in the singular, as one king, concerning the dominion of that kingdom] whose power behind the throne is Lucifer, a named, fallen Cherub -as Isaiah 14 says: and is a war that is suppressed by partial fulfillment, only, for the prophecies in that chapter against Babylon’ and the king of Babylon have never been fully fulfilled at all -when an exmination of the’ history of Babylon is made, and of course the Assyrian has never been .
    Verses 24, 25 will be fullfilled [it sure wasn't Nebuchadnezzar], but didn’t begin with Nebuchadnezzar, but with the beginning of Nimrod’s kingdom “Babylon”, which is suppressed again and again until the final battle.
    I can not exhaust the Scriptures on this subject in this short space, and you would not wish me to do so, as my take is totally different from yours -but thanks for allowing me to comment.
    In Him,

  4. Terrie says:

    oops! -part of my comment is left out, above: “The Assyrian has never been broken in the Holy Land and tread underfoot on His mountains” -which vs. 24,25, of Isaiah 14 speak of, which are more spoken of in other passages.

  5. Administrator says:


    Thanks for the kind comments. The primary thing that I wanted to agree with you on is that the article in question was not put out by me as “true”, but rather as one persons view on the data.

    God bless,

  6. Hugo Moreira says:

    I belive their was a common knowledge worldwide in how build a pyramide, the only two ways to explain it are: one their was an advanced culture that developed far before we ever thought and transmited their knowledge to all the people on earth in a culture exchange like in ower days, or two, there was some people so advanced (Atlantis) good a guess as any, that after their city was destroyed emigrated worldwide and teached many different people around the world their art, culture and their advanced construction designs, but one thing is for sure whatever it was we now know that the ancient were much more advanced then we ever thought and somethings we consider to be industrial revolution inventions, maybe were really invented much earlier, and the knowledge was lost in time, and only now we realize what was lost, just think if the steam engine was developped 3 thousands of years before starting the industrial revolution back then, were would we be now, maybe on other planets, we would have fusion reactors, no pollution and no huger on the world maybe…

  7. Orest says:

    now they have supposedly found a huge pyramid in Ukraine.

  8. Bill I. says:

    I took the photo at the top of this page; the link is to my site.

    I don’t believe the ancient hills in question are pyramids — see my explanation on the site.

    On the other hand, there is definitely something unusual about the site, something a bit mysterious hidden within the pleasing pastoral setting and views of the distant Alps. Exactly what that is remains unknown, but I intend to revisit the site when I can and continue attempting to fathom this.

    We are dealing here with what I’ll call “energies” for lack of a more specific term, energies that are best felt when the conscious mind is quieted. Such energies exist everywhere, but in certain locations they are much more pronounced.

    I believe modern people have become closed to such energies — they don’t sense or feel what is around them as their beliefs, their mindsets, have separated them from their own natural perceptive abilities.

    One remedy is to travel to locations of unusually powerful energies and meditate on-site.

    Bill I.

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