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New Novel About Noah Published:
Earth Chronicles Volume I, When The Earth Was Green

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Aug 14 2006


by Allie Webster

Ms. Webster had previously made us aware that she was writing a novel that touched on some of the same topics touched on by We’re looking forward to reading it. Hopefully, it’s soon to be a major motion picture?


My novel, Earth Chronicles Volume I: When The Earth Was Green has been published. My launch date is the 19th of August here in Vanuatu.

It was published by Zeus Publications (Australia) and is available from them or at the end of August it should be available in the USA from Barnes and Noble and

“When the Earth Was Green is the first in a series of Earth Chronicles. It depicts an ancient but highly advanced civilization. The story relays the years leading up to the great flood as Noah’s family spends a century building the Ark and being ridiculed for it. Against an atmosphere of impending doom stand characters with their own stories, their own relationships and their own individual crisis and faith.”

The book is currently available from or at the end of August (I don’t have the exact date yet) it will be available from Barnes and Noble book stores and also from for those who do online shopping instead of at the book store.

The book posters depicts the skeleton of the ark being built, with the aircraft from the pyramids in the background.

Pray people who don’t believe Noah and family were “primitive” but represent that long lost highly advanced society read this book.


Available in the U.S,:
Barnes and Noble