Refuting Darwinism, Point by Point: Author’s New Book Presents Case Against Theory in Just 83 Pages

Posted by Chris Parker
Aug 09 2006


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Sept. 18, 2003

Editor’s note: In 1999, author James Perloff wrote the popular “Tornado in a Junkyard,” which summarizes much of the evidence against evolution and is considered one of the most understandable (while still scientifically accurate) books on the subject. Recently, WND talked with Perloff about his new book, “The Case Against Darwin.”

QUESTION: Your new book is just 83 pages – and the type is large. What gives?

ANSWER: This past March I got a call from Ohio. There has been a battle there to allow critical examination of evolutionary theory in public schools, and a gentleman wanted 40 copies of Tornado to give to state legislators and school board members. I was delighted to send him the books, but I also knew that a state legislator isn’t likely to pick up anything that’s 321 pages long.

………..Q: You, yourself, were an atheist for many years, were you not, as a result of evolutionary teaching?

A: That’s right. I thought evolution had discredited the Bible. In my books, I give examples of notables who became atheists from being taught evolution, such as Stalin and Carnegie. In fact, the atheist Boy Scout who’s been in the news reportedly attributes his atheism to being taught evolution.

Q: Why do you think evolution has such a persuasively negative effect on faith?

A: First, it’s taught as “scientific fact.” When kids hear “scientific fact,” they think “truth.” Who wants to go against truth? Second, it’s the only viewpoint that’s taught. After the Supreme Court kicked God out of schools in the ‘60s, kids heard the evolutionist viewpoint exclusively.

It’s like going to a courtroom – if you only heard the prosecutor’s summation, you would probably think the defendant guilty. But if you only heard the defendant’s attorney, you’d think “innocent.” The truth is, we need to hear both sides, and kids haven’t been getting it on the subject of origins.

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