18 Ton Giant Stone Ball Found in Canadian Rock Quarry

Posted by Chris Parker
Aug 01 2006


This 36,650 pound “stone”, also known as Paul Bunyans Bowling Ball, or a Biggie stone “was found at Andersens’ Sand and Gravel, one mile southwest of “the bridge” and placed on site”-according to the placard underneath.

The stone has a circular hole of unknown use at the back and is bisected by a line located near the center of the stone.

The use for the stone is unknown, as are its age and manufacturers. The fact that it was found buried at a rock quarry would tend to show “age”.

A short video can be seen by clicking here. 


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  1. sim says:

    What is this for? The guy on the video says this is the largest of them and that they all have holes. Googling (quickly) didn’t find anything about these.
    I would love to know what they are made up off. I wonder if it is 2 halves joined together (with what?) or if the line is a groove that would let something tie back to whatever was in the hole.
    Is it a wrecking ball?
    Is it a missile to be used on some gigantic trebuchet?

    I love this site.

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