Paper Draws Criticism; Peer-reviewed Paper Arguing for the Uncertainty of Radiometric Dating
Raises Anti-Creationist Hackles

Posted by Chris Parker
Jul 18 2006

By Elizabeth K. Wilson
Chemical and Engineering News, Volume 83, Number 43 pp. 60–61


Karen Bartelt was spending an afternoon in the library at College, where she is a chemistry professor, catching up on the Journal of Chemical Education (JCE). 

One paper, in last July’s issue, caught her attention: It was a critical-thinking exercise for undergraduates that cast doubt on a long-standing radiometric method for dating minerals, and thus, the age of Earth (J. Chem. Educ. 2005, 82, 1094).

That made Bartelt, who is a creationism and intelligent design watchdog, sit up. 

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