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Posted by Chris Parker
Jul 11 2006


We printed a story about these sightings on Eyewit3.html some time ago, however, that story did not contain the word “pterodactyl”. We came across another version of that same story recently which used the word Pterodactyl in the headline and story. Since we have been making the case that many “giant bird”, “mothman” etc. sightings have actually been of a pterosaur (perodactyls are a tyoe of pterosaur), we though we reprint it here.

Also, we received an e-mail which details another long ago eyewitness account of a pterosaur sighting.

Pterodactyl’ Seen in sky Over Alaska
By Charles Laurence in New York, 10/20/2002

By Charles Laurence in New York, 10/20/2002

A bird described by witnesses as being as a big as a light aeroplane and looking like a pterodactyl was this weekend becoming Alaska’s version of the Loch Ness monster.

News of the “bird” broke after sightings by a bush pilot, his passengers, and a bulldozer operator on the ground below. It had previously been spotted by villagers in the remote south-western corner of Alaska.テつ

All said that the creature was at least four times the size of the Bald Eagle, America’s national symbol. John Bouker, the pilot, spotted it about 1,000ft from his Cessna 207 as he flew towards the village of Manokotak and calculates the creature’s wingspan at being 14 or 15 feet, roughly the length of one of his own wings.テつ

Phil Schemf, a biologist with the US Fish and Wildlife Service in Anchorage, said that reports of an enormous bird had reached his office. “As far as we know,” he said, “nothing with a 14ft wingspan has been alive for the last 100,000 years or so.”テつ

Scientists say it may be a Steller’s Sea Eagle, the largest known eagle, which may have strayed from its usual habitat in north eastern Siberia. It is the largest species of eagle with a wingspan that can reach eight feet. One of the birds was a regular visitor to Alaska in the 1980s.

Mr Bouker, who has been flying over Alaska for 22 years, insists that the bird he saw was a great deal larger, and was entirely brown – ruling out both Bald and Steller’s eagles. “You have got to realise that the thing I saw I mistook for another Cessna coming up on me. This was big, big, big. I have seen maybe 100,000 eagles, and I know that this was an awful lot bigger than an 8ft wingspan. You would not want to have your children out with this guy around,” he said



My grandfather who was in the Army or Navy (not sure which) told my mother about an experience he and a buddy had while in Guam during WW 2.

They wandered down to a small village and enjoyed the friendly villagerテ「竄ャ邃「s hospitality for the day. As evening came, the テ「竄ャナ田hiefテ「竄ャツ told them to leave immediately or the テ「竄ャナ電evils from the cliffテ「竄ャツ would attack them.

After further questioning, the villagerテ「竄ャ邃「s described the huge flying テ「竄ャナ斗izards birdsテ「竄ャツ which would swoop down just after dusk and take a small child or pig (pigs were taken into the huts at night) if given half a chance. The devils were tenacious and vicious and the villagerテ「竄ャ邃「s feared them greatly.

My grandfather was able to bribe a brave man to take him and his friend to see the devils. At the end of a field there was a drop off into a valley. On the other side of the valley were high cliffs. As soon as my grandfather looked where the man was pointing, he saw a Pterosaur! My grandfather was an educated man, he knew a vulture from a Pterosaur.

He took several photos; in some a Pterosaur is coming out of a cave entrance, taking off in a gliding flight pattern and circling. He said he knew the picture would be great close ups with detail because he snapped photos while the Pterosaurs circled lower and lower into the valley directly in front of the men.

Returning to base camp in great excitement, they told the commander what they had seen and the pictures they took. They were both commanded to hand over the cameras immediately! As he related this part to my mom, he spoke in great anger. Why did they have to destroy such incredible evidence?! Why wouldnテ「竄ャ邃「t they want others to know about it?!

Your guess is as good as mine.

Sincerely, D. S.

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