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True Suppressions 3: Burrows Cave, “Newark Holy Stones, “Sopher Plates”;Fakes as Orthodox Science Claims–Or –True Suppressions?

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Jul 10 2006


Here at, we don’t have the technical expertise to determine if the items discussed below are actual ancient artifacts or fakes. We know that science says that they are all forgeries and it would seem that just the law of probabilities if nothing else would dictate that the orthodox view be correct occasionally.

What we would say is that if one needs to forge thousands of artifacts to pull off one of these “hoaxes”, it is hard to see where the profit motive is. If these guys are/were hoaxers you’ve certainly got to admire their diligence.

In 1982, Russell E. Burrows while living in southern Illinois discovered a remarkable cave, today known as “Burrows Cave”. By 1992, two books had been written detailing the discovery and contents of Burrows Cave—”Mystery Cave of Many Faces” and “Rock Art Pieces from Burrows Cave”.

The cave appears to have been a repository of ancient art and records from people much different than the Hopewell culture of the Ohio Valley and the later Anasazi of the American southwest.

Most of the pieces taken from the cave before 1989 and now in private collections are saucer-sized black rocks covered with remarkable art work, portraits, and letters from what was then undeciphered Old World alphabets.

Official reaction by the academic establishment has been to completely reject Burrows’ find with charges of fake and forgery. Thus they dismiss the troubling artifacts from serious study without anything that by modern scientific or legal standards would even approach proof of forgery. And these dismissals are almost always done without examining the real inscribed rocks themselves—photos seem to work just fine.

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