A Mayan Pterosaur (Tapejara) at Palenque, Genesis of the Mothman?

Please do not feed this bird.

Posted by Chris Parker
Jul 08 2006



I find that sometimes people have a narrow view of what Christians might be interested in. I remember a friend of mine resisted becoming a Christian because he liked jazz and thought he’s have to throw away his records. He eventually did become a Christian and still plays his jazz. (Maybe he did have to edit his collection).

I say this because we’re doing another dinosaur in literature section and we’re again referencing “Mothman”. That’s because we have a theory that Mothman, Owlman, Batsquatch etc. have sometimes been sightings of the still very much alive pterosaur.

Some Christians have no use for this topic and we understand that. Here at s8int.com, our interest in the various topics we cover and the phenomenal world is not diminished by our Christianity, though our viewpoint on them often is directed by our Christian view.

Here we present a Mayan piece featuring a headpiece with the unmistakeable head of a pterosaur. The head is recognizable as perhaps a Tapejara, a type of pterosaur found in Brazil with a variety of huge headcrests. The Mayans frequently a man with an elaborate headress featuring an animals or animals. Keep in mind that the pterosaurs we see in current representations are almost entirely from the imaginations of artists who’ve only seen fragments of bones and skulls. See a prior Mayan pterosaur headress here

This piece at the Palenque Mueum in Mexico is between 1200 and 2000 years old. It is reptilian, has an astounding headcrest, the extended prong on the back of the head, and a recognizable pterosaur downturned bill and a “horrible” face.

S8int.com will make the case that it is a pterosaur head graphically, provide articles describing certain pterosaur types in South America and provide a few eyewitness descriptions to show why we believe they could be describing pterosaurs.

Here we’re not trying to convince that this is in fact a tapejara pterosaur, just that it is a type of pterosaur (there is a huge diversity of types. )We believe we’ve proven in this section that man and dinosaur co-existed, but we understand that some of the “evidence” presented is more convincing than other “evidence”. As usual, you’ll have to decide for yourself if we’ve proven the case.


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  1. several years ago i worked with a man whose father came from crum, west virginia which is just north of williamson on the kentucky border. in the 1960s, his aunt, who was then 15, was staying overnight with a friend when their hunting dog who was under the front porch with her puppies began throwing a fit. her friend’s father opened the front door and my friend’s aunt was right behind and saw some kind of a hairy creature with eye’s glowing red stand up straight. it looked something like a man. the father slammed the door, grabbed his gun and opened the door again. my friend’s aunt was still there and saw the creature soaring (not flapping its wings) down the mountainside. when they looked, all the puppies were dead and the mother did not come out from under the house for a month. it seems this was about the same time as the “mothman” sightings in point pleasant. west virginia is almost all mountainous. i suspect there are many places that few if any people ever visit.
    at this same time, at night, when my friend’s father was 12, he was in a small store about 100 feet from his home on the highway, when a classmate and her older sister ran in screaming in terror. they had been walking down the highway when they saw a man walking toward them in the dark. when they got up to him they noticed he (it) looking at them with red glowing eyes. the terrified girls ran into the store where they told what happened. my friend’s dad suggested they go to his house. the frightened youngsters ran like lightning, shouting for his parents to open the door.
    my friend no longer works for the same company i do but i called his day and confirmed the stories. the last i knew, my friend and his dad were both living in the utica, ohio area. i have no idea where his aunt now lives.

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