Revisiting a an Ancient Para-Saurolophus Sculpture

Posted by Chris Parker
Jun 12 2006


We’ve already shown this particular ancient wooden sculpture back some time ago on

However, we recently came across a version of parasaurolophus on the Sandia Labs site that looked a great deal like the ancient rendition.

Because no one or at least few living today know what dinosaurs actually looked like, even with complete skeletons, illustrations of the same type of dinosaur often look very much alike–often right down to the pose.

This ancient depiction (on the left) was found in the “Art of Indonesia, –Art of the Ancient Peoples” —Toba Batak, Sumatra, By Tibor Bodrogi 1972 Translated from the Hungarian”.

Parasaurolophus was about nine meters (28 ft) long and weighed up to four tons.

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