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Evolutionary Foolishness

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Jun 12 2006


Photo: Geneticist David Reich waits.

Proverbs 1
22 How long, ye simple ones, will ye love simplicity? and the scorners delight in their scorning, and fools hate knowledge?

A farmer left his son in the truck with the following instructions.

“Son, I’ll be back in a few minutes. If anyone comes by, don’t say a word to them or else they’ll find out that you’re a fool. A few minutes later, a man was walking by and saw the young man in the truck. “Hello”!, he said to the young man. The young man said nothing but smiled wanly.

“I said, hello!, repeated the man, but the young man merely looked at him and smiled, saying nothing. Can you hear? Fairly shouted the man.

The young man nodded, yes he could. Then you must be a fool! The man said, stalking off.

When his father returned a few minutes later the young man said, I didn’t say a word but they found out that I was a fool anyway”.


Of the two methods of demonstrating “foolishness”, suggested by this joke, David Reich, a population geneticist at the Broad Institute and Harvard University choose to do so by not keeping his mouth shut.  An evolutionist, he published a widely quoted article suggesting that humans continued to breed with their “chimp cousins”, long after they “split”.     

This suggestion is foolish in too many ways to even enumerate, but Reich himself admits “this is only a plausible hypothesis, not a proven fact”.

Translation? This notion is total trash.

The fact of the matter is that there is no evidence for macro-evolution. The fact is, today humans and chimps cannot mate and certainly can’t produce offspring. They couldn’t in the past either.

Even in evolutionary terms, anything a chimp could produce offspring with is/was of the same species (this is one of the definitions of species). Once humans allegedly “split they would have been a new species incapable of interbreeding outside their own species with chimps or anything else . Before that, they would have been of the same species—so no story.

Evolutionists still picture that mythical time in evolutionary history where dog parents give birth to a cat or where chimpanzee parents give birth to a human. This is of course a very foolish notion”.

What really caught our attention in all this was the fact that evolutionists and their fellow travelers will instantly believe that humans and chimps interbred with each other, while silmultaneously believing that though they lived at the same time, even side by side, that humans and Neanderthals failed to interbreed!

So, chimps, yes, Neanderthals, no?

True, they say foolishly.

Why? Because it would be really inconvenient for the theory of evolution if humans and Neanderthals were from the same lineage. Do While Jones, in his article: The Neanderthal Problem explains:

 “The more scientists learned about Neanderthal man, the more they realized he did not fit in with their theory very well. Apes supposedly got smarter as their brains gradually evolved in size from about 400 cc to modern man’s 1350 cc brain. It was difficult to explain how a Neanderthal man, with his 1740 cc brain6, fit into this process.

The Neanderthal skeletons were found in graves with hands neatly folded, surrounded by fossilized pollen. This is a pretty clear indication that they were buried with flowers in some sort of funeral ceremony. Only humans do that. Furthermore, they found tools (and possibly a musical instrument) associated with some of the Neanderthal remains. Every indication was that he was as fully human as Homo sapiens (modern man).

But worst of all was the time problem. According to the evolutionists’ dating, Homo sapiens supposedly evolved 100,000 years ago. Some people even claim there is evidence of Homo sapiens in Australia 116,000 to 176,000 years ago. Neanderthal man supposedly lived from 36,000 to 75,000 years ago, or maybe as long as 82,000 years ago. Homo sapiens could not have evolved from Neanderthals if Homo sapiens were here first. Even if you assume that Neanderthals existed more than 176,000 years ago, but their fossils just haven’t been discovered yet, that’s still a problem because the theory requires the inferior species to die out for the superior species to evolve. “

All this being said, the evolutionary believing masses are drinking the Kool-aid. They accept everything that comes down from on high (Nature, Scientific American etc.) as “gospel”. Some of them noted that they could not wait to ask “creationists” whether this supposedly interbred “hybrid creature” had a soul.

Answer, please just get back in the truck and if and when anybody comes by,  don’t say a word to them.



Revisiting a an Ancient Para-Saurolophus Sculpture

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Jun 12 2006


We’ve already shown this particular ancient wooden sculpture back some time ago on

However, we recently came across a version of parasaurolophus on the Sandia Labs site that looked a great deal like the ancient rendition.

Because no one or at least few living today know what dinosaurs actually looked like, even with complete skeletons, illustrations of the same type of dinosaur often look very much alike–often right down to the pose.

This ancient depiction (on the left) was found in the “Art of Indonesia, –Art of the Ancient Peoples” —Toba Batak, Sumatra, By Tibor Bodrogi 1972 Translated from the Hungarian”.

Parasaurolophus was about nine meters (28 ft) long and weighed up to four tons.