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Did Sauropods Have Ears, Trunks, Horns, Crests? We Put Our Heads Together On This One.

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Jun 03 2006

One of the oldest dinosaur representations we have in this section is the Mesopotamium cylinder seal dated at 33 centuries before Christ. That would put it at 5,300 years old.


There can be little doubt that the body is that of a sauropod–but what of the head? Back on the second page of this section, where we first introduced the seal, we thought maybe it was an accurate rendering of the head–but that maybe it had been “stylized”. 

But something kept happening over time–we found more long necked sauropod dinosaurs in art-with a similar head. The problem for us was; if they didn’t look like an identifiable dinosaur type, we couldn’t use them for our purposes-(known dinosaurs in art) and we’d likely move on. 


Finally, we came across a sauropod representation which was crafted from bronze some 2000 years after the Mesopotamium sauropod, (making it approximately 3,000 years old)and there could be no question that they were of the same animal. 

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