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Ancient Chinese Sauropod; Warring States Period (475-221 B.C.)

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May 27 2006


This the 39th page of this section, dealing with evidence that dinosaurs existed in the past with man. We’ve been doing that by looking for such evidence in the literature, art and history of the past.

For believers, the surprise should not be that we have actually found such evidence; we would instead have been surprised if we had not found such evidence. But what about those who accept the current scientific position that man and dinosaur missed each other by millions of years?

If someone like that perused each of these 39 pages, could they still believe that the paradigm is true? Of course they do! I’m not sure that anyone who takes that view could actually make it through the full section—but if they did—and still remain unconvinced…

I’d venture to say from the mail we recieve that there are believers who have muddled through these pages and still don’t believe.

The non-believers knock down each example one by one and convince themselves still that there is no evidence that man and dinosaur co-existed. As an example, the obvious stegosaurus at Angkor Wat has been described as simply a rhino with plants in the background.

Oh, well, maybe by page 40 they will all have been won over. Of course, if they are unconvinced by Genesis…

How to Dinosaur Hunt

Step 1. Assume the Bible is true. This means that “dinosaurs” were created with man. This means that along with artifacts of other animals that lived with man-you’re going to find evidence for these animals as well; if the Bible is true and if they are not concealed from you for some reason. We looked for them in the ancient art of ancient people, recognizing that the pieces are often labeled; zoomorphic, mythological, unknown, fabulous, grotesque or dragon.

But, don’t get it twisted. If there had been 100 foot plus dinosaurs (from head to tail) running around in ancient times it would have been unconcealable–and this wouldn’t be an issue.

On the other hand, there is no evidence of dragonflies with 2 foot wingspans, or armadillos the size of a Volkswagon or of an 8 foot roly poly, either. Yet fossilized animals of this size and type have been found. See the MegaFuana section beginning here.There was a period of giantism for many animals that still live today.

We believe that there was a time before the flood when conditions for life on earth were perfect. After death entered the picture and especially after the flood these animals, including dinosaurs still lived but were not nearly as large and robust as they had been under perfect conditions.

The dinosaurs we see in ancient art were probably only a shadow of their former selves. –But look–don’t quote us on that. It’s just how we reconcile the Bible, the fossil record and the occasional, spectacular example of the animals we call dinosaurs in ancient and near current era art.

Our Feature 

This Ancient Chinese piece cannot be anything but a sauropod dinosaur. The artist has clearly seen one and what is more had plenty of time to study it. Not only that, if you think about the fact that many of the objects on these pages have been stylized, as indeed this one has—its a technique that would only be effective with subjects with which both the artist and the art viewer are very familiar.

And, for those who like or need to debunk, it does have those little wings, which could temp one to insist that its simply a mythological creature, however those same little wings appear on many obviously real creatures such as the Han tiger above. We believe tigers actually existed!

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