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According to;

Church of Darwin, Uncategorized | Posted by Chris Parker
May 23 2006

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テつキテつテつテつテつ The Descent of Man (Great Minds Series) by Darwinテつ

テつキテつテつテつテつテつThe Wealth of Nations by Adam Smithテつ


Raystown’s “Ray” TM, An Aquatic Cryptid?

Crypto, Science, Uncategorized, Unexplained Artifact | Posted by Chris Parker
May 23 2006


“We’ve known it’s been in there a while now,” admitted Managing Director of Raystown Lake Dwight Beall when he was asked his thoughts on this astonishing discovery.テつ

テつ”It’s a private creature, but it comes out around this time of year.テつ Call it Raystown’s own Punxatawny Phil.”テつテつ

Call it what you will, but this is no ground hog swimming in the water.テつ It seems that our favorite Pennsylvania lake may now have a mascot.テつ テつ

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