The Dragon of Ishtar Gate;The Dragon of Murduk; Real or Imagined?

Posted by Chris Parker
May 19 2006


“The Dragon of the Ishtar Gate may be one of Cryptozoology’s strangest, yet best-documented, ancient crypids. This two and a half millennium old depiction is so unusual that many treat it as a chimera, an impossible combination of animals that could never have existed in nature.

But the people of ancient Babylon knew and accepted the ‘dragon’ as real, as real as the bulls and lions that also share the walls”….. Dragon of the Ishtar Gate by David G Stone.テつ

テつHere at, we can’t be sure whether the Dragon of Marduk was a real creature or if it came from the imagination of the artist–but we’ve got a few ideas. It’s probably no surprise that we come down on the side of those who say it was a real creature, but we’ve got a good reason. We think we’ve seen it before.

We don’t think that artists from different cultures spanning nearly 2000 years all imagined the same strange, non-existent creature.

Although King Nebuchadnezzar in Bel and the Dragon of the Apocrypha mention a dragon, we don’t believe that this particular dragon is thatテつspecific great dragon either. But, we’ve got a notion.

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