Unidentified Egyptian Animal

Posted by Chris Parker
May 15 2006


It’s true that we can’t consistently tell the difference between a sheep and a goat, but does that mean we can’t be experts on “extinct” animals? What?

This is an Egyptian Amulet from the New Kingdom period (up to 2700 years before Christ). The description of the amulet is that it is made of Sard or carnelian; a representation of an “unidentified animal”.

And so it is, but–ifテつone believes that certain creatures died out millions of years ago,テつone isテつunlikely to consider them as a possibility whenテつテつattempting to identify the animal in question.

On the other hand, ifテつone believes that man co-existed with all living creatures,テつone might come up with a surprising indentification. Maybe our guess is correct-there is only this one view of the piece available.

On the other hand, maybe its a goat or a sheep-or yes a rabbit.

Source:Los Angeles County Museum of Art

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