Jordan Site May Be Biblical City of Sodom

Posted by Chris Parker
May 12 2006

Argen Duncan El Defensor Chieftain Reporter
Forwarded by Scott Z–Thanks!

Gen 24 Then the LORD rained down burning sulfur on Sodom and Gomorrah
-from the LORD out of the heavens.

Archaeologist has committed to seven years excavating Tall el-Hammom   

A New Mexico archeologist told an audience at First Baptist Church on Sunday night that he believes he has found the biblical city of Sodom. According to the Book of Genesis in the Bible, God destroyed the city with fire and brimstone because of the inhabitants’ evil behavior.

  Steven Collins, dean of the College of Archaeology and Biblical History at Albuquerque’s Trinity Southwest University, and his group spent several weeks last winter excavating Tall el-Hammam, a site in Jordan he believes fits the profile of Sodom. He has committed to working there for seven seasons.

Collins said most historians and archaeologists believe the stories of the early followers of Judaism, including the tale of Sodom’s destruction, are myths.

“If that’s true, they’re basically saying our Bible is wrong,” he said.

Operating on the belief that the Bible is true, he searched the Book of Genesis for clues to the city’s location

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5 Responses

  1. Paul Davies says:

    Except that Ron Wyatt found the actual sites of all 5 cities with suphur balls and totally burned to ash over a decade ago.


    Paul D

  2. joe says:

    If one was to find the city of Sodom, it would be totally reduced to ash, and there would be evidence of the presence of sulphur (brimstone). The ruins would also have to have been visible in the days of the apostle Peter, for 2 Peter 2:6 and Jude 7 says that they are an example for future generations. One could also then locate the other city, Gomorrah, that was destroyed by fire, because Genesis 10:19 describes the border of the Canaanites as a rectangle that goes from Sodom, then Gomorrah, then Admah, etc.

    This is just what Ron Wyatt found, as noted by Paul D.

    - joe

  3. s. zeilenga says:

    Well, the guy in the article is the one looking for it. Maybe he doesn’t think Ron Wyatt is right in his conclusions or maybe the guy never read up on Ron Wyatt’s findings. It will be interesting to find out what gets discovered though.

  4. Administrator says:

    There has been quite a bit of negative criticism from Christians concerning Ron Wyatt’s work. We had more info from Wyatt’s site some time ago, both on the Ark as well as Sodom and other topics.

    I’m quite sure that you, Paul and Joe no very well that Wyatt’s work has become controversial–and not from non-beleievers–but from as I say Christians who have worked with him, and scientists who have been quoted by him in his work.

    I can think of few other ocassions where Christians “attacked” the work of another believer in this type of research.

    If you’re interested to know what the criticisms are, here is one site you can check: Tentmaker. Org

    As usual, you will have to make up your own minds about whom to believe.

  5. joe says:

    I left a response for this last week, and it was posted. The other day I tried to access this blog and it was down – some kind of database error. Now the blog is back up, but is not up-to-date – my post is missing, and probably some of the other recent posts as well.

    - joe

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