Mystery Animal

Posted by Chris Parker
May 09 2006


Insiders know just how few people are actually behind Consequently, editorial decisions do not have a lot of input. We actually need the input from readers to help us decide how to deal with material on the site.

If you think about some of the areas we focus on, the potential for mistaken identifications, false stories and manipulated photos is high. We certainly do not go with all the photos that we receive or come across. Believe it or not, we don’t accept all eyewitness accounts, print only a fraction of ancient art that we come across that may portray dinosaurs. 

We’ve heard from a number of people who think that the photo we earlier posted is clearly a fake. For that reason, we have removed it at least for the time being. Thanks for the help. 

3 Responses

  1. Chris Ackerman says:,
    I enjoy reading through your site and find much of it intreguing. I love the Lord and would like desperately to find more proof of inhabitants before the flood. Someday I hope we find fossils of man and dinosaur together for all to see. However, I have to say that this picture appears to be a fraud. You should be concerned about putting suspect material on your site, which has so much good evidence amassed already.
    Besides this example and a few others, Keep up the good work!!! I’m glad your on the web!


  2. s. zeilenga says:

    Hmm… nice. Not sure what it is. But leave it up to to find another great intriguing shot.

  3. Thomassie says:

    I am a graphic artist and I work with photoshop and programs alike. I am offering my help with no cost as we should all reveal the truth for all to walk on so no one will fall of reality.

    If you need a proof, I will gladly send my previous work as an example.

    P.S. You might need to know that I am an Inuk, I have and will make mistakes on letters I have or will send.

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