Mistaken Pterosaur Sighting?

Posted by Chris Parker
May 03 2006


We advanced our theory (beginning on Eyewit10.html) that many unexplained sightings of “Mothman” and chupacabras were possibly, actually sightings of the still very much alive pterosaur.テつ

Note the referenceテつin the following reportテつto the chin and the back of the head, its thinness and speed… compare to this s8int.com pterosaur graphic.テつ

Chupacabras in East Texas

by Dub ThomasテつTwo years ago, my wife Ann and I both saw something very strange. We were driving home late at night in East Texas near Crockett when we saw something run right across the road in front of us.テつ

It was about 10 ft. in front of our car. We both later on drew a picture of what we saw and they look almost the same.テつ

The features we both noted were: About 4 to 5 feet tall and ran on the two hind feet. The knees bent backward, not forward as a human.テつ It was extremely fast and made it across the road in 3 to 4 seconds. It had the body of a slim small child, not like a fat kangaroo. The arms chugged back and forth like a person would run.テつ

The head had a pointed chin and a pointed top at the back like a roosters comb.テつ The body looked gray or some other dark color. It was not fat, but was slim.

The thing looked to be an alien to both of us.テつ We have never seen a picture of any animal that resembled what we saw. It seems there have been many spotting of such a thing in the past.

These are found on the Internet under Chupacabras.テつ

Source: Your True Tales テつ

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  1. Some Chupacabra sightings might be of Pteranodons.


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