Name the Mystery “Fish” at CryptoMundo

Posted by Chris Parker
Apr 28 2006

We’re naming it; Phil Lay.

Can you identify this mystery fish found on an old postcard?

The men in the picture look like military servicemen. The surroundings look like this photograph was taken on a beach or island. The fish appears to be about six feet long (notice the yard or meter stick lying next to it). But where are the fins on this cryptid (or even a tail)? What is it?

Added note: There is nothing on the back of this postcard, except it should be noted that the “Place Stamp Here” box is formed by the letters AZO, which according to the comments below date this card.

All the AZO triangles are pointing upward, thus indicating a date for this postcard of 1904-18. It was contributed by a reader (Ms. Phyllis Mancz of Ohio) of Loren’s Cryptozoo News blog at Cryptomundo.

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2 Responses

  1. mark neddeau says:

    this is a tiger shark with the fins and skin removed. If you compare a current close up of the tiger shark’s face with this “creature”, you will notice that the nostrils are surprisingly familiar, along with the lateral mouth, which on a tiger shark is quite large. The hook-like line along the back of the head indicates to me that they removed the jaws, by peeling back the head and opening the mouth to its widest point. Remember, shark fin soup is a delicacy in many parts of the world. Anyway, this is just my opinion, but a close comparison should prove me right. M

  2. Administrator says:


    You could be right of course. My question would be” do you think the point is that this is a deliberate attempt to mask what this animal actually is”? I would think that they would hang it up to skin it.

    I’d think that it would be more impressive to take a photo in front of a shark that still looked like a shark.

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